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Can the white lion fur who is making the Warhammer 40K Space Marine costume make a note here? For the Emperor! :) - DarkLurker

It has been over half a year without any update from the white lion fur and his Warhammer 40K costume. I'm removing it from the fursuit list for the moment. Please do get in touch with me (you can leave a message here), and I'll edit you back in! Good luck. :) DarkLurker

In response to DarkLurker's enquiry on the Warhammer 40K cosplayer[edit]

To Darklurker,

The cosplayer in question was actually MercuryPrideStar, who formally assumed the fursona of that of a white lion. However, in recent times, this person you have in question has now recently changed his identity of that of a green-colored tiger/fox hybrid. And it is believed that this Singaporean fur in question could be found in the form of "almostcrazy" in the FurAffinity website. He goes by "mickyradfox" and was formerly "mercurylion".

The information that was placed in this article was added on the basis that he actually uploaded a video via his Youtube account, stating that he is initiating works on his Warhammer 40K Space Marine costume for cosplay; however, financial troubles and technical difficulties meant that this Warhammer costume would not be finished in due time, and thus be delayed. Adding to the fact that cosplay is NOT his primary form of entertainment or community content - he draws and loves music more than cosplay - it is safe to assume that the Warhammer cosplay project would not be his primary outlet at the moment.

You may omit that section on the Warhammer cosplay section; however in future edits, this information should be taken IN MIND so that if more cosplayers should contribute to the Singapore anthro fandom scene, please take note as necessary. Peace!

P.S: I believe two persons called "DJAtomika" (also a music lover) and "Roswell" (a green panda person) have hands-on information on the Warhammer 40000 mythos.

Link to Youtube video discussion:

Genus Invictus!


A lot has happened - Furry Lah, for a start. Maybe someone here is able to do an update? --GreenReaper(talk) 14:37, 28 March 2017 (EDT)