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On Shamanistic Furries[edit]

A note on the otherkin comments - on FA I've had a few discussions with other furs, and their opinion was that someone who does have a spiritual connection to their chosen animal (in so much as communing with lynx spirits and whatnot) is not a true furry, even if I view my soul as looking 'lynx-like'. I was referred to otherkin sites, but found minimal response there, as most otherkin believe that those who are touched by a totem animal, but do not view themselves as a were-animal are...just furries. I've met others who are open minded on both sides, but few have a definition that sits well with me.

If people have complaints about my comments, please do not take offense. They are a simplification of a journey that took me many years to begin to understand, and I am still on that path even now. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to message me on DA/FA. Just understand that I do not update those galleries at the moment as I am on an art hiatus, and may not respond for a few months.