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Format dissensions[edit]

As with any tittle of any initial user post, book, essay, story, I have been italicizing them since day one. No, I didn't receive the memo that this has now changed after all this years/articles, so until this is made an official policy... (Other names in reference links such as Staff page, XXXX's profile, etc, do indeed do not need italics).

Trivia section: Like a "factoid", no data/info that cannot added to a furry related section of an article, but it's part of the user life (Music, pets, foods, games, etc,...). Section "== Cat ==" is not proper article formatting (e.g. "== Grand Theft Auto V ==" instead of Trivia section with "user is a fan of GTA V). - Spirou 23:48, 21 September 2013 (EDT)