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Noticed that a user from deleted the references to Shimo Fox in the article Pawz FM, and at the same time blanked the entire page for Shimo with no explanation. Since the Official website still lists Shimo as a cast member as of the time of this posting, I reverted the edits on Pawz FM to re-include Shimo. I also reverted the page blanking on this article. If there is a compelling reason for this article to be blanked (i.e., Shimo no longer wants it) then that must be taken up with the administrators. It is not something to be done by an anonymous user with no explanation. --CodyDenton 05:46, 13 July 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, the new shows don't have that guy anymore. I think the host pulled a Clawcast and pissed everyone off and they all left. Plus I talked to iron and he said everyone had a falling out.

This is Shimo, I no longer wish to be on this website... I'm blanking my page, don't bring it back anymore!