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This is something of a mess. Here's some edits that appear to have large amounts of personal interpretation and may or may not be true. Just dumping them here before I try to clean things up with a hacksaw. --GreenReaper(talk) 07:55, 25 December 2010 (UTC)

Comment from shadowfox[edit]

Controversy dead and gone.. i decided to rebuild the page.. Im giving this to others so they can ad more..

Trying to fix what I can...


thanx guys its looken better ;3

Dispute on issue[edit]

Ok guys i was asked to dispute the fact people bringing up the controvesry.. heres the deal.. Preety much chad blanked out in rage and cant rember.. Drake had a panic attack and passed out.. and i was in rage state to and raith was well.. (X.X)

Point made here. is the we dont rember what happened.. exactly.. And every one dont wanna hear it to because it tends to bring up drama..

No true story can be made from the situation.. So it can really be reported on with out it being rumor or opinion..

Yes i tryed to give a side of what i thought happened same for chad.. but we both talked and we dont know what happened..


i think that most of the stuff in the past should be kept there since all it does is stir up unnecessary drama... besides it does seem that most ppl want to drop it and leave it to rest. thats all im gonna say


You know how people online are drama = no entertainment. Thats one of the reasons I had my wikifur blanked and to this day I am hesitant to rewrite it.



Bout the damn truth.. i told green reaper all it would cause is drama and he listened to me. he is NOT side with me or any one on this he stays neutral.. but he is reasoning with me


Thats one of the things I like about Wikifur-Green Reaper respects peoples privacy unlike ED.



Ya.. i do aggre.. ^^ Green is preety epic

Dispute true story[edit]

Thats not the true story aswell..

This page is a God-Awful mess[edit]

I'm going to reword it, so it seems neutral "Unlike most furries, he prefrs to socialize in real life" Pfft! Unlike most furries my left tuchus. Equivamp 22:37, 13 May 2011 (EDT)

Go for it. I agree the page is a mess and it does seems bias. --Sniff Heinkel