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Translation of response by Furry Chile[edit]

Google and Babelfish appears unable to link to the page to translate this directly. Be aware that the text below is not CC-BY-SA and is provided for reference only. --GreenReaper(talk) 03:53, 11 September 2009 (UTC)

Mr newspaper The Nation:

We, the Furry community Chilena (grouped, hereinafter "Furry Chile") we are very offended over the cover story "Sex doormat," published in your newspaper on Sunday 30 August 2009. Our trouble lies primarily in the sensationalist approach, morbid, confined exclusively to a sexual fetish, which have little or nothing to do with what actually represents the membership of Furry Chile.

The article implies that all members of Furry Chile are or act the same way. Nothing could be further from reality: Regarding preferences and tastes, using the so-called "fursuit" are few and clearly is an optional accessory and personal that one can or can not use and is not necessarily an article sexual fetish. As for the sexual proclivities of the members, as in any organization of people, is a personal matter and has no implication whatsoever with the furry community. The use or not of a fursuit in private relationships between couples, unique to each person's privacy, as any dress can be used by ordinary people as game or erotic fantasy. And this is completely independent of Furry Chile's vision as a community in itself address these situations.

We feel it is important to emphasize that the interview conducted by journalist Alexei Carolina Rojas, Hector, Luz (PANDORA COMIC), Esteban (eltoro) and Sebastian (Segaswolf) almost was not included, given that 95% of the topics were omitted in preparing this article. Citations appeared only a few sentences, being overshadowed by material obtained by the reporter, clearly hurting and maliciously misrepresenting the substance of the statements of such persons. Also worth mentioning that many of the concepts, both related to the furry as others outside is wrong, starting with the most by the definition of furry until more elaborate as the definition of MUCK.

On the other hand, interviewed Sergio (quoted in the article as Renamon tender or dragon), who is worth mentioning that left our community for some time, so their ideas do not represent the motivations of Furry guidelines or Chile. Moreover, in expressing their views and personal tastes, gave a negative image about the Furry, which do NOT share, which together with the views expressed by Carolina Rojas, conveys the mistaken idea that this is the way of being all Furries in Chile, which we consider it a very serious offense to the truth

In summary, Furry Chile has neither approved nor endorses the comments made by Sergio, nor does it recognize that person as a valid spokesman for the feelings of the community. So, if there is a new interview, specifically requested by this indication that their views only represent him.

Furry Chile is an open community, free of prejudice, stereotypes, prototypes and sexual, political or religious, where members gather to share a healthy respect for animals and anthropomorphic beings, sharing their passion for both art furry in graphic, audiovisual and literature by members of the community. Our north is to be a healthy and responsible community, always based on respect for others and sense of camaraderie.

Accept, and expect a warm welcome to this,

Atte. The Community Furry Chile.