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"Seeing Red is a story currently being worked on". This article is awfully long for something which is not yet finished. We don't to my understanding have a policy about articles on unfinished material (such as stories, portfoilios, and so on--material that is in its final form discrete). My impression is that there are some attempts to discourage too much description of such unfinished things on WikiFur--see The Anthroness characters for an example. I think we could do with some sort of defined policy on the matter. -- Sine 07:01, 11 March 2007 (UTC)

(To Sine): Are you saying that I should get rid of some stuff, or delete the page and wait until I do more of the story? I know it's only 5 chapters so far, so would that count as being too soon to make a page, or am I just too descriptive? If I'm being too descriptive, then sorry, I can't help it. Should I get rid of some of the decriptions (like the ones for the secondary characters)? I mean, I know it's only been 5 chapters as of typing this, but there has been quite a bit of descriptions so far. Also, I'm actually not so sure when (or even if) I'll end the story.
If you can't answer those questions, then answer me one thing: should I just delet the page for now, or get someone to clean it up for me? (sorry, I lack the knowlegde of how to properly clean up a page.) —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Blood Red Fox (talkcontribs) .
I'm not suggesting any particular course of action at this point. Baically I was jsut musing aloud at something which seems to have been coming up quite a bit, with this article the most recent example. Thank you for being eager for clarification and for asking what to do; I don't think you should do anything as yet. Hopefully there will be more discussion here. -- Sine 19:30, 11 March 2007 (UTC)

Can someone try and clean up this page for me please? I do the best I can, but cleaning it up is something that I don't think I can get right. If someone could clean it up for me, then that would be most appriciated.-- Blood Red Fox 4:00 P.M., April 3 2007 (Eastern Stardard Time)

To anyone: Seriously, can someone "wikify" this page for me? I lack the patience to read all of that article, and I would appriciate it if someone seriously were to wikify the page (esspecially if it means making it better). Anyway, if any does do this, just send me a message on my talk page.--- Blood Red Fox

To any moderators or administrarors: Something happened while editing and now a large portion of the page is gone! Could someone please fix this this? But keep the chapter count at 28 (that's how many it is right now).--- Blood Red Fox

I would like to request the entirety of this article to be erased. I recently reflected upon this article and decided that it was a bit egotistical of me to make this article in 2006 (or was it 2007?) when there are so many other works of furry fiction out there that are much better than my story little work of fiction. Also, I have decided to abandon the story. It may become complete one day, but for now, it's going to stay on a cliffhanger for a long, long, time. I repeat, I request this article be removed from this wiki and the link to it under the "stories" section be deleted. I will soon be editing my own user page because there is a little cleaning up I need to do on there as well. --- Blood Red Fox