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While I can't speak to the reasoning made by the anonymous editor, this appears to have probably not died in 2010 as the article states; a blogspot post under the name "SaberLeopardess816" from 2012 shows drawings on the wall that resemble the art style in the linked Fur Affinity account. The Leviara Lioness name is also associated with a nearly identical artstyle. Additionally, the only source for her death is from a deactivated deviantart profile that can't be accessed. Looking at the Fur Affinity account of the same name, it just looks like a sockpuppet account. Saber Leopardess also has a history of going into hiding online.

So this person probably did not die as the article states. --Equivamp - talk 22:48, 16 March 2017 (EDT)

Update: Yep, her IMVU profile says they're the same person. Will update the article shortly. --Equivamp - talk 23:00, 16 March 2017 (EDT)