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I would like to ask why the changes made to this page on October, 20th, 2020 at 17:31 were undone, and inaccurate information re-added. Numerous bits of information on this page conflict with canon information about SCP-1471 from the official scp wiki entry. Malo Calloway seems to be a fan-made creation not canon to anything on the scp wiki, appearing to be something from a fanfiction of some kind. The SCP-1471-A species is spelt "MalO" with an uppercase letter O, not a letter zero like is written in a few places on this wiki article. This wiki article also states that MalO is a single entity, a female lycanthropic(human who can turn into a werewolf) creature, which is also extremely inaccurate. Multiple pages on the official scp wiki mention both male and female instances of SCP-1471-A, and they are not werewolves, or even wolves. MalOs are a completely separate species from werewolf or wolf, it is a humanoid species with canid features, but nowhere on the scp wiki does it ever mention that they are meant to depict a wolf. The section stating that there is no information about the species to depict whether they are good or evil, is also completely inaccurate, as the official scp wiki entry for scp-1471 states that no hostile activity has ever been reported, and multiple tales on the scp wiki depict MalOs being friendly towards their hosts. I also think it would be more appropriate to have artwork of SCP-1471-A shown here that was drawn by Keadonger and victordantes, rather than only from the artist Shoutmilo, since Keadonger and victordantes have drawn a huge amount of MalO art that has had a huge influence on the fandom and their depictions of the species has become very iconic, while there only appears to be one artwork of a MalO drawn by Shoutmilo. The writing in this updated version is also in general much less professional, in addition to all the inaccuracies listed above, as well as many more. In summary, I request to revert this wiki article back to the older version posted on October, 20th 2020 at 17:30. If there are any further questions or discrepancies about the information listed in said version, I can provide further references and citation. Thank you. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by YukiTheMalO (talkcontribs) .

No inaccurate info was re-added. The original article took two months to be put together, marrying myriads of websites' data and information, images, media, et al, which were deleted with your edit. The article was edited again to regain the former data, while adding any new info from your edit. The first instance of the character creation was of a single entity, a female [Licanthrope|[Lycanthropic]]-like creature (see all the references linked to it. Additional characters, be it from the prime or alternates are also recognized). Lycanthrope is one of the many terms used to identify her, and looking at all the sources, it still recognizes as such (correct: the character is not a wolf). " I can provide further references and citation." Please, as long as you are adding to it, instead of eliminating it, such as all the valid External links obliterated on your pass.
A lot of information was left on the cutting floor, that although interesting it was not canon (there is a couple of things from the first edit pass that need [citation needed] added to them), and Shoutmilo gave permission for an example of MalO being depicted as a furry, connecting myth with the fandom, images from the second edit were edited out as duplicates or non-notable (the article is a wiki page, not a gallery), the fursuit left as there is not fursuiter media on this article. - Spirou (talk) 21:49, 20 October 2020 (EDT)