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About this genetic study[edit]

If red wolves are allegedly a hybrid between wolves and coyotes then why do they look so vastly different from real coywolves? Did they even take a blood test? As for genetic studies, coyotes which have had blood tests taken, naturally due to sharing a common ancestor with gray wolves do have gray wolf DNA in them and are essentially tiny little wolves so, I think it should be taken as no surprise why they'd have wolf DNA in them. I thought since it's well known that they evolved separately from an older species of wolf and were therefore around longer that they would have been classified as a separate species. It may be likely that anti-wolves are trying to have them declassified in hopes that they would no longer be forbidden from being hunted as a means of successfully eradicating the red wolf species.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

The controversy surrounding the taxonomy of C. lupus rufus is kinda complicated. Wikipedia has a rundown on it at wikipedia:Red wolf#Taxonomic debate. While the debate has resulted in some groups not classing the red wolf as an endangered species, it seems pretty bizarre to me to think that the people who dedicate their lives to the study of such canids are "anti wolves" who want this particular species to be eradicated simply because they disagree with each other in trying to get the classification as correct as possible. --Equivamp - talk 20:48, 20 April 2020 (EDT)