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Content was: Raven_Corr, also known as Kolkrabe and Corax, is a furry fan and college student who enjoys to debate. He is blind in one eye.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He is friends with Triad and Darkclaw on FurryMUCK, and along with Argoniman, they organized the RFAI, a group of their friends on the MUCK that includes The Orochi, Milo, Ookami, and Fineas.

He is a Charmed[clarify] fan and has taken many of the show's ideas onto FurryMUCK. He can also be found on Furscape and Furtoonia, as well as FeepyMUCK, where he is a wizard.[citation needed]


Raven Corr's fursona is a human/bird hybrid, created in 2006.

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