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FYI (Bolding)[edit]

The first bolding was Project Nakti, the second bolding was the setting, Planet Nakti, the third was it's inhabitants, the Naktians. One and two are different terms and subjects, just FYI. - Spirou (talk) 19:22, 1 July 2015 (EDT)

Very rude[edit]

How your edits not only change up the words that I put down and replace them with complex or dumb downed words, but you straight up put links in places that don't even need links, change the formatting of the members section that tells exactly how many people are int the group and you remove the link of the creator of the project so that no one will be able to directly contact them. And what's this about the logo not being clear? I feel like you've have dumb downed the the page as if no one would understands the words that were originally there or the format of the page. - —The preceding unsigned comment was added by DevilishlyHandsome49 (talkcontribs) .

No replacement of words/concepts were changed on the article. Your prior de-format was reversed, interior/external/future/Wikipedia links were implemented, bolding was added, external links fixed, new image added, double linking removed, the members section was formatted and red-linked to view who is working in it, and to give editors a chance to create articles on the person involved, etc (refer to the Furry Book of Style why this was done and how it can help you in the future). The creator link, since he is a furry member must be internal (i.e. the link on the page must direct to an article of the user on Wikifur, that is where readers will find a complete page related to this users (external links are reserved mostly for non-furs users)
No, certain words and paragraphs need to be linked; Why?: this is an Wiki not only accessed by US English readers, but foreign ones too, certain words need to be clarified/link for these lasts ones; this is a concept that works in any and all Wikis worldwide (and terms like "what the title implies" is not really informative; expand on it, you are trying to "sell" this). Logo: The logo was dark enough not be usable; a newer one was pull from YouTube, and the extra images of the logo were deleted (duplicates). No words were dumbed down, actually as it reads right, it doesn't really explain where this project is located (website?, MMO?, Second Life sim?, personal webpage?, social site?), how it's being put together (online?, offline?, written format only?, multimedia?, video?), how it will be distributed (PDF?, CD/DVD?, Video?, paper form?), how to really contribute to it (FA site?, website?, email?, Skype?, Google Hangout?), more on the universe, how players initiate a civilization (examples), clarify some muddle points ([clarify] tagged), how long does the process take, when it started/how it started (future History section), and on and on and on,...
Were the firsts edits to the article erroneous?. Possibly, but with no original source to work from, there is to be discrepancies, but just change them, don't berate any and all editors (welcome to a wiki, editors are here to enhance/further articles), don't de-format the article or remove the cleanup templates. Problems with the edits?. Make a point on the talk page civilly. We are to improve further any articles, not destroy them. Hope this helps. -Spirou (talk) 03:12, 3 July 2015 (EDT)