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"A personal furry often reflects elements of their player's real-life appearance or dress, or what they would like to wear. It is generally considered to be bad taste to depict a personal furry (and to a lesser extent, any character) participating in activities that they or their player would not normally be involved in."

I guess that's probably one reason I'm not well-liked. :) Most of my characters are for roleplay, and many of them I can 'feel' like a fursuit, but they do things and act in ways I personally have no taste for. I can't speak for whether that's viewed as bad or not, though certainly a lot of my fellow furry roleplayers don't identify with it; they tend to play characters very similar to themselves in personality whereas I'll play a hero or a villain, a practical joker or someone who takes life seriously, etc.

I'm pretty sure that this is about other people depicting someone else's personal furry or character in ways that they did not like. One example is the occasional Ozy and Millie porn, which David Simpson quite understandably does not appreciate; I'm sure there are many others. --GreenReaper(talk) 13:47, 24 February 2006 (UTC)