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Sexual meaning of "paw"[edit]

I'm not sure if it's a usage which is worth recording and should go here, at paw fetish, under furspeech, or elsewhere, but I've quite frequently seen "paw" or "paw off" used as a term for masturbation. -- Sine 02:02, 17 October 2006 (UTC)

I have heard it as well; it should probably go here, as it is not specifically related to paw fetishism, but a general term for masturbation used by an undefined group within the fandom. --GreenReaper(talk) 07:47, 17 October 2006 (UTC)


This relates to a disambiguation page which is no longer present.

Since no feedback was provided when this issue was put forth last time regarding disambiguation formatting, here is the question/discussion in point again. It involved the Dragon disambiguation page, just substitute for Paw instead:

Once more, if a topic would not be refered or linked to solely by the name it should not be listed on a disambiguation page. -- Sine 18:39, 22 December 2013 (EST)
The last discussion on names on disambiguation pages was to not include non-first based article names (Tex Avery vs Avery), not all characters, fursonas or users "related" to the name (Bugs Bunny vs Bunny), or by its meaning/definition (Sheila Vixen vs Fox). The example used was Fox on Wikipedia, which, all thought the point was made we didn't need to follow its format verbatim, some of it were agreed on their use, such as:
And, if "a topic would not be refered or linked to solely by the name it should not be listed on a disambiguation page", why would you leave Dragon Flame (artist) in Dragon, but remove Fox Azure, a singer from Fox, and/or remove Dragon Lady, a character in Extinctioners in Dragon, but leave Fox McCloud from Star Fox (again) in Fox.
We agreed not to follow some of the formatting rules used by Wikipedia on their disambiguation pages (as in including any article with the "word" in it [i.e 21st Century Fox in Wikipedia's Fox (disambiguation) page]), but some kind of agreed upon final standard/rules would help, since items removed on this page edit (like characters), were not done so on other recent disambiguation pages (Matthew and Matthew Cabbal, a character on LXF: The League of Extraordinary Furries).
A revert will be applied to Dragon, if there is no problem, until the format guidelines are clarified. A rule is hard to follow if it's inconsistent. - Spirou 01:22, 23 December 2013 (EST)

And once more, an edit revert was applied to Paw, as is was done with Dragon, since, as with the later, the format guidelines are still not being clarified. Not trying to be a hard case about it, just asking for rules that will affect present and future disambig pages. - Spirou 02:30, 12 February 2014 (EST)

Disambiguation is intended to resolve the issue where editors might reasonably link to one title for two or more separate concepts. If it is not reasonable for an editor to expect the linked page to directly cover the topic concerned, it shouldn't be disambiguated there. Sine's edit summary was a restatement of this guideline.
Disambiguation is not intended to list concepts which just happen to have one title as part of their title. The fact that ABC starts with A or contains B does not, by itself, justify a disambiguation at A or B pointing to ABC. But if ABC is commonly known as (just) A, then that does, because people might link to A when they mean ABC.
In this case, if something is not commonly called "Paw", then it won't be linked to Paw, and so isn't suitable for disambiguation. Let's go through one by one to see whether that applies:
  • "Paw, the soft foot of a mammal, generally a quadruped, that has claws or nails" - yes, this is the primary topic
  • "Paw, a Furspeech slang term related (usually male) masturbation ("to paw off")" - yes, because it's the exact same word; while paw off is somewhat more likely (and was linked to from ForumWarz), it would be reasonable for an editor to link here
  • "Paw and Hoof, a furry-friendly guild in the game World of Warcraft" - no, unless it is commonly known only as "Paw"
  • "Paw fetish, a strong affinity or sexual paraphilia for the feet (paws) of furry characters" - no, because the "fetish" is essential to the concept; this should instead be linked from paw (anatomy).
  • "Paw Paradise, a message board created by Backlash for the paw fetish community" - no, unless it is commonly known only as "Paw"; should be mentioned in paw fetish
  • "Paw Printing, also known as Fuzzy Impressions, a former furry art printing company" - no, unless it was ever known only as "Paw" (possible but unlikely because "paw" by itself is so strong)
  • "Pawfasting, the furry fandom equivalent of the Wiccan wedding ritual of Handfasting" - no, because the "-fasting" is essential to the concept
  • "PawPrints Fanzine, a fanzine published by Conrad "Lynx" Wong from 1994 to 2001" - no, because it was not commonly known only as "Paw" (it was known as PawPrints, so that redirects to Pawprints Fanzine and if there was another PawPrints then that would justify disambiguation on PawPrints)
Since only two topics here are likely to be confused, and paw (anatomy) is strong enough to be the primary topic, I'm moving that article here and mentioning "pawing"/"paw off" as a hatnote in the article. No need for a disambiguation page. --GreenReaper(talk) 19:43, 16 February 2014 (EST)