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Furry In Canada[edit]

Having two Canadian furry communities ( and NFU) makes for a rather interesting situation. This discussion thread has been created for the purposes of deciding how the two articles should be handled with respect to each other, or whether the relationship between the two should just be ignored. For the time being, the two will not be referenced in each other's articles (I will make no attempt to add a section on how NFU came about, despite what I've heard about it being a "splinter group" of sorts), but feel free to post any comments you would like to make for or against this. Also, I am a member, but am merely taking some responsibility over this article for the sake of expanding the knowledge base as far as WikiFur's concerned. --Scani 19:31, 8 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Well, if NFU has any relationship to, I should think it would be good to document that if only because a casual reader might look at the two articles and wonder at the overlap. It should be possible for someone to do this while maintaining a neutral POV, even if it's simplified to "X had a disagreement with Y over Z". My only caveat is that that really should be written by someone who has direct knowledge of what, if anything, occurred, and not based on speculation and/or hearsay.--Duncan da Husky 19:43, 8 Sep 2005 (UTC)
I honestly can't say too much about the relationship between the two communities, as both existed before I got involved in the Canadian furry community. The only confrontation I've heard of between the two sides is when BabyTiger started plugging the website on's forums, and he was barred from said forum (I presume it was for publicizing a site that acted in a competitive fashion. However, I don't know why this community was created in the first place. That's a question that would be best forwarded to the site's admins. --Scani 22:21, 8 Sep 2005 (UTC)