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Moving allegations to discussion page for later edits[edit]

One of many such threats.

Art allegations[edit]

Meanwhile, the outcry[citation needed] against Nexus continued as he took on yet more commissions, while others gave substantiated evidence that theirs had not been completed. Several furry fans posted screenshots of chat-logs where Corey reacted strongly to commissioners who requested to hear updates regarding their pieces. This aggressive, emotional lambasting would ultimately become a key feature of his online personality, and issues stemming from it.

Dutch Angel Dragon sub-fandom allegations[edit]

However, after purchasing adult artwork of this character, he faced strict backlash from the Angel Dragon community, which established standards for the usage of angel dragon characters and artwork - namely that it be PG13. This backlash culminated in his decision to sell the suit, though Corey still owns others.

Convention shooting allegations =[edit]

Similar to other infamous furries, Nexus would let his emotional state push him into aggressive outbursts online - both in private and on his public social media. When it wasn't directed at customers, he took to Facebook to unload his frustrations, targeting the Angel Dragon community, his customers, and others. He threatened to sell his suit, Mocha the Angel Dragon, and subsequently followed up on that claim.

Corey gained larger attention in the fandom in fall of 2017 when he posted several online threats to engage in violence against attendees at the Midwest Fur Fest convention in Chicago. [1] Due to his threats, administrative staff at the convention took appropriate action, and swiftly let the public know that they were aware of the situation. Corey subsequently did not attend the 2017 event and shut down his social media accounts - some of which have since been reinstated. Several people contacted his local police department, and though there is no evidence of an arrest being made, he was spoken to at his home by local officers.

While his status in regards to being banned from future Midwest Fur Fest events is currently unknown, Nexus has expressed interest in attending other conventions such as Tarpaw Furmeet and Anthro New England. Again, information on whether he will be blastlisted from these events due to his aggressive, violent threats is yet to be seen.


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