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Miscellaneous Facts[edit]

You can see for yourself the full extent of these tidbits by reading the comic from the very start.

  • Isabel Marks was known as Isabel Gonzalez when the comic started. She had the assistance of her boyfriend, Terrance Marks whom she later married.
  • Twix and Snickers may probably be references to the comic author's favorite candies.
  • Tipper has gone through at least two boyfriends, both of which ended on sour notes.
  • Cedric's introduction was a rather interesting one and his intiial purpose appeared to be as a stalker. This had caused Tipper a good deal of anxiety at first and it just plain creeped her out.
  • Joy briefly dated herself, although it wasn't clear if it could be called dating.
  • Twix and Snickers went through two marriages, the first of which involved a drive-through church and the second in an effort to have a proper wedding.
  • Tipper's parents were never seen in the comic early on, as she was cared over by her sister. Later in the comic however, her Father shows up. This eventually leads to a plot turn that greatly affects Tipper's life.
  • Mallory was introduced as a relative of Blue's that actually tried to imitate Blue in as many ways as possible. She had been put through psychological counseling to try to correct it.
  • Blue's own caregiver was Roxanne, whom blue thought of as her mother figure. It is eventually learned that Roxanne is her biological sister much like how Tipper and Snickers are sisters.
  • Roxanne's pregnancy was not mentioned until early in the third trimester where Blue had become her sister's support.
  • Falco was introduced as a mysery competitor in a video game tournament. Falco's record was considered elite by many. Her first on-camera apperance however resulted in a very interesting chain reaction because everyone thought she was a boy.
  • Finally, there was one other comic strip in the series that was meant to have been posted prior to the official archives to act as the official start of the story. This particular strip was drawn on November 28th 2003 and was added to the archives with a backdate of November 28th 1999. This one strip is globally considered the first comic officially.