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Saved article until such time it is expanded upon.

Content was:Morgan, also known as Pavlov Racc, Ace Fox, and Markov Ringtail, previously as Dr. Wolfgang, Is an American furry artist and YouTuber who lives in Alabama, USA.

Pavlov joined the fandom in 2018 under the name Dr. Wolfgang. His old sona was a large canid heavily inspired by SCP-049, Later he changed her sona to "Jolt" Jolt appeared to be a Blue wolf with staples covering his mouth. Pavlov then created his current sona, "Pavlov" Pavlov is a Raccoon with purple hair and eyes, This laid the foundation for his other fursonas Markov, O.Z, Ace,Yuri,Grape and Alyn. He also has a Pokesona Named "Icey" who is a Glaceon

Pavlov has a main youtube account with 38 subscribers, He makes Roblox content Due to him not having a fursuit. His Ace fox channel discusses the topic of age regression. His Pavlov Racc channel is just an uncensored version of his main.

- Spirou (talk) 21:58, 5 August 2021 (EDT)