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Morenatsu was declared cancelled by the developers. There's some murmurings about fans getting together to remake/finish the work. Sorry I can't find an official source on this one, looks like the devs released the announcement, and then not long after folded the website.

Character Descriptions and Plot[edit]

Can someone post the description of the Characters and the plot of Morenatsu? I can't do it myself because I can't speak Japanese, which means I don't know how to translate it. 11:17, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

added story[edit]

I added a story based on the current demo

anyone who wants to help, please do, as I used a translator program to figure out most stuff.

Requesting pics[edit]

I need pics of gameplay and a pic of each of the character for their profiles. I don't know how to work image uploads.

Welcoming party and route selection[edit]

Having played through several times, I can say with certainty that who you sit with at the welcoming party doesn't set your possible love interest at the end. So far, based on trial and error, it seems like it's whoever you hang out with on Day 2, with Shun as a backup if you screw up midway through.