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2005 post from India MUCK[edit]

I found a lot of information from a post to the OTHER MUCKS & ADVERTISEMENTS board on India MUCK. I'm reproducing the post here for posterity and all that. -- Sine 23:47, 19 February 2006 (UTC)

======================================================================== 5:21 Mnara -- An Alternative Lion King RPG ( Guest3, 02/09/05 ) What if Kovu and Kiara never fell in love? What if Kovu fulfilled Scar's last wish? What if Simba died and the Outsiders won? That is the theme of this forum. Kovu is the new King and Zira, Nuka and Vitani are all still live. Nuka and Kiara have fallen in love, and now have their own children. There are plenty of places to insert yourself into this thick plot. Here are a few of the FCs still available: (For information on these FCs, please go to: http:// or ) *== We Need Players for These Disney FCs ==* >> Nuka, Son of Matapishi and Zira >> Vitani, Daughter of Scar and Zira *== After Feb. 22nd, These Disney FCs will be available if not claimed by this time ==* >> Kiara, Daughter of Simba and Nala *== We Need Players for These Mnara FCs ==* >> Mkaragazo, Son of Nuka and Kiara (Cub) >> Msichana, Daughter of Kovu and Subira (Cub) >> Kata, Daughter of Kovu and Subira [elder of TWINS] (Cub) >> Angaza, Daughter of Kovu and Polaris (Cub) *== After Feb. 22nd, These Mnara FCs will be available if not claimed by this time ==* >> Kato, Daughter of Kovu and Subira [TWIN] (Cub) *== We Need Players for Pride Lionesses! ==* (For information on the available lionesses, please go to: http:// ) >> Mardea, Mother of Kayla by Simba ("Pridelander") >> Nashraia, Mother of Kiowa by Simba ("Pridelander") >> Nakama, Mother of Kivuli by Kovu (Ex-"Outlander") >>> 4/8 "Pridelander" lionesses have been filled >>> 4/6 ex-"Outlander" lioness have been filled {Granted, the Pridelanders and Outsiders are both still there, but they are under one pride now ("Mnara") so there's no more fighting 'tween them... well, not as much as before.} Please visit us at: Hope to see you there! === "Kifidio" of Mnara == ========================================================================

Mnara Roleplayers[edit]

Are any of the old Mnaran roleplayers still around? If so, do any of you happen to have any of the information from the Mnara website and storyline saved on your computer? The hard drive on my computer has been fried for nearly a year and a half now, so I lost all of the information. (That contributed to Mnara's demise, actually, aside from the fact that our server went haywire at approximately the same time and deleted our website.)

Any information you have on my pipedream would be greatly appreciated.

~ "Hannala" (yes, the co-founder herself...) my blog / my DA account —The preceding unsigned comment was added by CountryGoalie (talkcontribs) .

Official Original Storyline section[edit]

It's great to see more information being added here and to perceive WikiFur's value as a resource and source of information. However, I think the Official Original Storyline is rather too lengthy to be appopriate within this article. Perhaps it should be a subpage, something like Mnara/Original storyline? Or is it something which we should request be a link to an external source? What are others' thoughts on this? -- Sine 21:45, 24 October 2006 (UTC)

First of all, thank you for rearranging the closure information. I am not incredibly familiar with working in the Wiki format, as I have been primarily a reader during my time spent at them. As for the Official Original Storyline, I can work up a more succinct plot outline over the course of the next week or so as I get a chance. I was not aware that subpages were possible, but if they are, then that would probably be a wise move to make. I would say that we could link to the original external source, but the original would have been the website, which is now defunct. I acquired what was posted through an old entry by Unzumi that she had pasted into her journal from the forum, and I am not sure that we could directly link to it. I hope that this helps. I will be working on the plot outline and will get back to you about that. -- CountryGoalie 20:00 EST, 24 October 2006


I was looking through an old notebook and and I came across some notes and information that I had written down about the characters that were essential to the original plot, including the meaning of their names in Swahili. I added this information under the Characters heading, but I thought that this made it look a little cluttered.

Should I remove the information next to the names of the non-Disney characters and create a separate stub for each character that I have information on? Any thoughts? -- CountryGoalie 20:10 EST, 24 October 2006.

Hmm. Is there a logical way to split the characters section? Plot characters and, um, others, except with reasonable subheadings? Certainly, you could create stubs for characters, if you have, say, a couple of paragraphs of information. Category:Mnara characters could be created, if there're more than, oh, six or so... -- Sine 05:24, 25 October 2006 (UTC)

Mnara Generations[edit]

Described at I'm inclined to start a separate article rather than add into this one. Others' thoughts? -- Sine 20:36, 30 November 2009 (UTC)