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The following is a chat transcript between myself and Midnight Fury, validating herself as the person in question:

(Name removed): Excuse me, please, but is this SpazKitty from Wikifur? I hate to disturb you...
The Spaz Kitty: Not a problem. What's up?
(Name removed): I don't know how to delete an article from existence, so I've been trying to just either clear it or leave a short message explaining that the name in which the article is about is no longer... there. Quit the fandom and all that. The name is useless anymore. So what can I do?
The Spaz Kitty: Well, unless you're Midnight Fury, the person in question, we can't accept requests for exclusion/removal from other people. What we can do, however, is add a note that they've removed themselves from the fandom.
(Name removed): How may I prove that I am? I'll get whatever information you ask for.
The Spaz Kitty: Well, the only link we have for Midnight is her deviantart, so you'd have to log in to her account and send me a message (SpazKitty).
(Name removed): You're on Deviant Art?
The Spaz Kitty: Yes, as a lurker XD
(Name removed): Ah! I'll go do that right away. I'm logging in on DA right now.
The Spaz Kitty: An alternate approach would be to email me from (email removed), which appears to be her email address.
(Name removed): I can do that as well, if you need the double proof for any reason.
The Spaz Kitty: No, a note on DevArt would be sufficient.
(Name removed): It's on its way!
[A note verifying her identity was received from the DeviantArt ID used by Midnight Fury.]
The Spaz Kitty: All right. =3 And you wish to have the entire article removed, yes?
(Name removed): Yes, please. I hadn't really meant there to be one, but a former friend had one made, and now that I don't go by that name and want no association with it, I think it's best it just get deleted.

Spaz Kitty 23:04, 6 February 2007 (UTC)