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most podcasts are dead by now... does anyone have any saved files? does anyone have a method 1 podcast saved in a hard drive, pen drive, floppy disk? we're losing and we have lost a part of our culture here, many a show has gone under without a spoken word being remembered paint me nostalgic, but I believe this kind of shows were an important part of the furry culture and right now I'm fighting a losing fight to recover anything that could bring them back to life, even if for a moment

I always loved producing content, just hated having to maintain a website. I've still got everything that Nik and I ever recorded together for Method 1. I've put the show in it's entirety into a zip file and have linked it below. If you'd like to get a hold of me regarding the show or specific episodes I can be reached at -Gir

Method 1 Archive (All episodes and bonus materials) -

Boy that's a big file! still, it's great to see that all that material isn't lost forever to the ever changing internet

Tried downloading this today and it shows an error message? It says "Error (429) This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"

It seems dropbox took down the file a while ago, so I set up a google account just to host this on google drive, hope it lasts a bit longer. Lol at the error this user above me got, it just goes to show there's still some interest in these kinds of things :D Updated Link: