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On furries as a whole[edit]

Y'know, so far as I know, MetalHead and Rrroofus are the only furries who have ever been murdered. Ever. (There were one or two who could have been in 9/11/01, but I believe they were found within the next few days.) In terms of location, societal position, and personal relations, that actually says quite a lot about the kinds of environments that furries tend to encourage around themselves. From the early 1980s to now, 2008, to have a single incident of death by violence in twenty-some-odd years in a fandom growing from a couple dozen folks in widely separated groups to tens and possibly a couple hundred thousand across the world, that's an outlier statistic.

And then with all the intense socialization and communication furries do, the "bad" ones (intimidators, thieves, and the like) get quickly identified and ostracized. We've had, what, maybe a double-handful of them that I've heard of since 1994 when I started posting on from my college internet account? Fewer, maybe?

Those two facts alone suggest to me that furries are generally good people. A bit dramatic, maybe, but what fandom isn't with all the teenagers just discovering their favorite kinds of angst?

And the testimonials I've read all mentioned the kind of folks these two were. Some furs say that our fandom is like family to them; for MetalHead, they were. Once again, I'd say that this testifies to the kind of people we attract. -- Siege(talk) 22:44, 26 July 2008 (UTC)