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It wasn't clear to me why this article was deleted, so I restored it. About the only thing I can see is it lacks any links, but doing a cursory search on the article title shows a few potential links that seem to match the description. So... just add them? If clarification is required, the edits came from a named user who has a talk page, it could be used. --GreenReaper(talk) 01:38, 12 September 2020 (EDT)

Normally if the article is very vague and the author doesn't come back ("create and forget") I delete it until such time the user tries again, which, unfortunately, is very very rare they do so. With larger (not by much) entries, I let the user take his/her/their time. Again, most just vamoose and leave the articles as-is.
So, sometimes, there is enough to expand the article via search engines and sites, so I will expand those, or fill it with enough data to stand on its own onto I or other editors get to it (because of RL work, my "expand on these" folder is up to 917 entries and growing). But this user never came back to even try to work with it, even giving him extra time, and, like I said, most never, leaving dozens of minor to minute entries all over the wiki. Wish they worked on them or gives us more to go on, and deletion is always my last resource - Spirou (talk) 04:13, 12 September 2020 (EDT)