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On "Cross Swords vs. CrossWords"[edit]

This is a rather tricky icon for the comic/forum, all I really know is that it has a dual name which has some form of meaning. All the icons have a larger illustration than the forum's mini-icon, though... Cross Words or Cross Swords is linked... note the filename is crosswords, though one would normally read such an arrangement as Cross Swords (down, then across)... A post on the forum indicates that "CrossWords" is another option... "This is the icon for both the warriors with weapons and the warriors of words."

While I'm an admin for the forum, I readily admit that I know very little about what Furilius is planning for the rest of the comic. I'm sure it means something and can guess at a few possibilities, but it's nothing more than conjecture and not really suited to a reference area like Wikifur. DataBank 09:58, 9 December 2006 (UTC)