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Notice of Potential Litigation[edit]

I, Lupin Wolfe, do not authorize my personal information to be included in my page. I furthermore do not authorize edits, except by myself or <NameRemoved>see below. I have no problem taking unauthorized edits down, have already done so, and will continue to do so. I have no problem filing lawsuit if necessary. I hope it doesn't come to that. I specifically do not authorize edits or reversion of edits by Spirou or Furry Underbelly, and as I see them, they will be referred or edited as required. I feel that Underbelly do not have the best intentions, although I don't accuse Spirou of this. Being a WikiFur Patron and Colleague, I believe that they have the site's best interests in heart, and do not realize their screwups... That said, the only future edits of theirs related to the recent "controversy" I will not automatically revert are formatting, such as if there's a better way to compose the wikitext (I admit my lack of experience in Wiki markup).

Consider this my official notice. Do not edit my page without my permission. If I grant further permission for edits, I'll list them here.

Permission to Edit[edit]

  • Lupin Wolfe
  • Name removed by request. Editor from 11 April 2016. He doesn't want anything coming back to him! Do Not Contact! - —The preceding unsigned comment was added by LupinWolfe (talkcontribs) .

Wikis and articles[edit]

To put it short and sweet, this is an article about you, not your article. Anybody can at any time work on it, with no permissions of any type necessary, and without fear of legal threats.

That said, you have made elsewhere the point that the allegations are not true, based on the point that the Matthew C. See that chased a kid on Stockholm is not you. Is that correct?. If so, the article can be reworked if you provide the necessary data and references to prove this point. - Spirou (talk) 19:59, 8 December 2019 (EST)

Future Edits[edit]

If I cannot block people from editing, I still want folks aware that inclusion of bad data, especially connection of me with some kiddie toucher, will not be taken lightly. I'm glad you pointed me back to my Tweet, because I hadn't noticed the reply. Just tonight, I posted my face on Twitter, showing I look nothing like the subject of the dox. I'm actually a Matthew, just not that Matthew LOL! Spirou, I'll gladly defer to your greater knowledge of wikitext, and anyone else who knows more than I do. Provided of course, the info is relevant. BTW, I don't want my actual face on my the article about my furry self. Not unless I grow fur and a muzzle IRL! It's a furry article about a furry and their character, what I look like IRL I feel is irrelevant. That said, linking to it, where I have it on Twitter, is fine. But, I see the irrelevant information has been reposted. It will be removed. I hope you are not the jerk who put it back up! - LupinWolfe 18:00 (EST), 10 December 2019

A note since update[edit]

I removed the irrelevant info, added some new relevant info, separated the current controversy from the old one (re DiveFox), fixed/clarified what the current controversy is, including references. A selfie I just took, and posted on Twitter, is both linked and referenced appropriately. I do not want it uploaded here. Let's put this idiotic dox to rest. At least until the fools get it right, if ever LOL. Also, can we now call it vandalism of someone posts the irrelevant information, effectively removing correct information in favor of incorrect info? Because I honestly expect Furry Underbelly to try some BS like that. They're of course the one actually posting the bad info. If they mean well, they can leave well enough alone. If not, they will prove themselves the vandal I originally called them the first time I FIXED the page...

Call For Article Protection[edit]

Matthew See wants you to believe that there's another Matthew See who lived in the same place as him and has the same birthday and has "Lupin Wolfe" recorded on his criminal record as a known alias, but definitely isn't him. He must be an idiot. Please block him from editing this article and hiding his criminal past. -- 19:51, 15 December 2019 (EST)

Seconded. Let's compare.....
The Furry | The Pedo
Name: Matthew See | Matthew See
Location at time of pedo's arrest: Stockholm, NJ | Stockholm, NJ
Location after pedo's release from prison: Newark, NJ | Newark, NJ
DOB: 2 Oct 1986 | 2 Oct 1986
Has crim record?: Yes | Yes
Known alias "Lupin Wolfe"?: Yes | Yes
--Furry Underbelly (talk) 20:50, 15 December 2019 (EST)

BS Information[edit]

You all believe my name is Matthew See? That I have a criminal record? That I have ever lived in Sussex County, let alone Stockholm? I'm originally from Bergan County, and moved to Essex in 2014. The Matthew you are looking for would have been incarcerated then. His conviction, according to your attempted dox of me, was 2013 I believe. In Sussex County. I was living in Elmwood Park (formerly East Patterson, just down the street from where my dad grew up when it was, coincidentally). My only criminal charge was in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, and the judge dropped it to a disorderly persons, which carries no record. I believe I paid something like $200 between fines and court costs. Anyway... The list of "known aliases" also includes such things as Matthew Lupin, and I challenge you to show where I have ever used that name. Hint: you cannot. It does not, I'll add, say "Lupin V Wolfe," which I've always been. The V stands for Vulcanus, though I never use it. It's origin I'll probably add to my page at some point (it's a title, not a name, yadda yadda yadda). Is this guy released to Newark? AFAIK, such a charge would put someone on PSL under Megan's Law, and, also AFAIK, parole should have put him in the county of his arrest. No matter how much you damnfools want this to be me, it is not. Sorry. Better luck next time...

Note About Recent Edits[edit]

I find it amusing that the most recent "editor" AKA vandal, is hiding behind an IP address (see above). Are they afraid of retribution when they are finally proven wrong? Of course, Furry Underbelly would "second" their call for page protection. The IP Vandal, as I'll call them, probably is Furry Underbelly, since I called them out about vandalism earlier in this discussion. But, unlike the IP Vandal, I'm not going to insist two people are the same despite circumstantial similarities. I don't do that. This is WikiFur, after all, not the Encyclopedia Dramatica! --LupinWolfe (talk) 18:12, 16 December 2019 (EST)

OK Matty, answer these questions:
1. Is your name Matthew See?
2. Has your name ever been Matthew See?
3. Are any of your friends, relatives or acquaintances named Matthew See?
--Furry Underbelly (talk) 00:43, 18 December 2019 (EST)

The Real Matthew See Appears[edit]

Hey fools! This has been an interesting read. AFAIK, their name is not nor has ever been Matthew See. And I certainly don't know them. If we have acquaintances in common, it is coincidence, and to be perfectly damn honest, only a troll would think otherwise. In any case, my name is Matthew Christian See. That's what the C stands for, if you were curious. I'm the sick bastard contained in the dox. My furname has been Lupin Wolfe long as I can remember. No V, though. "Vulcanus" is kinda silly. I'd have gone with, oh I don't know, Varg, another "wolf" word. But whatever. You have harassed this man long enough. Leave him alone and go dox someone else. But get it right this time! Now, on that note, I have heard that this Lupin committed suicide over cyber-bullying, that the website where it occurred turned a blind eye to, effectively enabling it. You, Furry Underbelly, may have his blood on your hands, because you are too damned stubborn, and probably too damned stupid at that, to give up and leave well enough alone. Lupin V Wolfe provided evidence of it not being him (and absolutely true: we look nothing alike, and only a troll would disagree). But you refused to admit you were wrong. You couldn't possibly be wrong. The fuck is wrong with you?! You think I'm sick? Yer right, but at least I'm not a goddamn sociopath... Get help, and think about what you have done.The other Lupin Wolfe (talk) 03:00, 23 December 2019 (EST)

Your fantasies are getting grander and grander, aren't they Loopy? We've got a perfect match of your full real name, date and year of birth, places of residence at various times, and furry alias, but no, that's not you, is it? It's someone else who miraculously appears when your narrative needs it most. Fuck off and stop wasting everyone's time. --Furry Underbelly (talk) 19:02, 23 December 2019 (EST)

Clarification and Verification[edit]

Claim of another Lupin V Wolfe on Spirou's talk page: Conversation on Spirou's talk page

Early 2010 version based on information provided on livejournal: note the birthday, same listed on the sex offender registry as with the listed aliases Early 2010 version

Verify the birthday and aliases at the sex offender registry page located here NJ Sex Offender Registry Entry

Furaffinity Pages showing photos posted of hand and self: Furaffinity lupin v wolfe

Looking at Talk:Lupin Wolfe, you already admit the information being posted is your own, which is public information available to anyone. Admission of information being correct wanting to redact public information

Due to Wikifur being easy to vandalize, I've added verified sex offenders who are or were apart of the furry fandom located at K9Sentry K9Sentry Sex Offender Map

Wikifur is about posting truthful information, if you're feeling like an outcast due to community backlash then perhaps you should've taken the time to consider the consequences relating to the crime you committed against a 13 year old child.

Connor Goodwolf (talk) 20:42, 31 December 2019 (EST)