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This article is a good start and probably counts for furry as much as "dragon" and such do, though the bulk of it needs a more neutral tone. The "lizard man" in fantasy and science fiction is a pretty generic template character with no fixed set of traits besides being a "man-shaped lizard"! There are many more variations to add with what is listed so far; time to get crackin'. -- ToyDragon


I added some bit of info I could think up on female lizardmen (lizardwomen), though since it's something of a 'tender topic' I was wondering if anyone else had some ideas, or even a pic they'd like to share. Seems the females are sort of a 'hardly seen but assumed to be there' subject.

I'm sure I can find some picture of a female lizardman. I'll snoop around--LizardPariah 06:38, 29 August 2007 (UTC)

Lizardmen characteristics[edit]

It's not completely clear where these factoids are coming from. Typically in most lizardmen fiction I've seen, liazardmen are NOT superintelligent as seem to be suggested here, but are rather portrayed as cavemen types or Iron Age tech at best. Also, a general assumption of dragons are made here. Because of various media, dragons are depicted from being brutish feral beasts to gods, which are probably the peak of the intelligence chain and not as easy to subjugate. I think clarifications need to be made as to what references are being used to write this article here. D&D? Warhammer? Other works of fiction? --Kendricks Redtail


I quote from the article: "In a fantasy setting, lizardmen tend to be more on the savage side. They rarely wear clothes, use a lot of brute force and live in tribes." The super-intelligence characteristics are mainly based on science fiction settings (such as X-Files or Star Wars (the Tarasin)). although in D&D, there is a race of lizardmen who are very intelligent and mastered psyonic abilities.

Overall these characteristics are very general I'll admit that. Dragon characteristics vary greatly depending on individuals and fictions. Like Dragons, Lizardmen follow the same tendencies for being indecisive. In D&D (fantasy setting) there are both brutish low intelligent lizardmen while there are weak, but incredibly intelligent psyonic lizardmen. In science fiction setting, there are these both extremes again. In Star Wars' case you have the Trandosions (brutish) and the Tarasin (intelligent).--LizardPariah 07:24, 16 November 2007 (UTC)