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Edits, formatting and why[edit]

Bolding: For a long while now, past editors, including I, have bolded those Convention entries in that section that had no been linked prior on the main article text body (why?. I don't know, all the cool editors have been doing it, just following non-written down "agreed upon" formatting).

Convention dates: Likewise with bolding and editors, if no date is mentioned a ? has been left in place. If prior dates have been hinted but not been able to corroborate it has been listed blank. I searched the journals for prior dates, none can be found.

I have messaged the user via a Fur Affinity note to inquire on those missing dates. In the mean time, I can add a ? in front of the established year, indicating prior attendance but no confirmed refs links. - Spirou 00:40, 21 April 2014 (EDT)