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To the person: Edit permissions[edit]

WikiFur is, like it is the general idea of Wikis, open to edits for nearly everyone. Just telling people that "only you have permission" will neither be approved as a "rule" or "law", nor will it completely stop people from editing. If you do not wish people to edit, you can request a partial locking of the page, only allowing you to edit it. This can be done by asking one of the administrators. If your request is granted the article will be only editable by you. If this is not granted, or you don't want to register for editing, there is also the possibility of completely locking the article by contacting one of the administrators. I'm sorry if all of this sounds rude, but I'm only trying to help keep the Wiki according to it's rules and help other users like you. Greetings, -RealZero 15:28, 25 September 2008 (UTC)