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fursona is a Kaisura.

This needs further explanation - what exactly is a Kaisura?--Higgs Raccoon 05:26, 26 September 2011 (EDT)


A Kaisura is a creature/fursona created by Lathander and drawn by the artist, Furball. The original artist has drawn it displaying a fourth gender, Megrodites. Not much else is known about what family of species it's from or what it was before during it's evolutionary steps in life, although some say it is similar to Sergals, which are a hybrid mix breed of shark,rodent, canine, and reptile.

Gender Info!

Male: male form has two cocks, one main member positioned in the appropriate spot, one tailhole (or dragonhole, as with draconic tails), and one tailcock (proportion of tailcock to the main one is 1.5 to 1; aka the tailcock is bigger) Female: female form has a set (or more) of breasts naturally, a main pussy positioned in the appropriate spot, a tailhole, a tail pussy, positioned below the tailhole, and another dragonhole below that (they are normally concealed by the heavy fur beneath the tail) Herm: hermaphrodite form consists of a set (or more) of breasts, one member, a pussy below it, and a tailhole (generic herm) Megrodite: megrodite form is kind of a mix of the prior three. They have a set (or more) of breasts, a main cock, a pussy, a tailhole, and a tailcock, proportioned just like on the male (1.5 to 1). Megrodite also have their own set of tendril like tentacles that emerge from nests on their lower back, and base of the tail (normally around 10).

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