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Interesting essays. I have the most issue with the fact that he appears to want (or expect) conventions to be something they are not. Conventions really are mardi-gras events. This is simply what happens whenever you get 1000 people into one place. Frankly, the topic of this article has already figured out you're not interested in what's on at a convention. So they shouldn't go. :-)

A certain someone mentioned the concept of "behind closed doors" to me at MFF 2005. Well, I can see their point - but I also dislike the concept for its negative aspects. I don't like peer pressure, even on the rare occasions when I've managed to wield it myself. It's too dangerous a tool, and can cause needless damage far beyond the intended area of effect.

Ultimately, that is why people band together against it - because, you know, they're right that it's trouble. If they let it work against others, pretty soon it will be used against them, because it can indeed be an effective tool for those who dislike the actions of others - far too effective, in many cases. People are right to fear and fight against such actions, for it is that path that leads to ridicule, hatred, and exile. And who wants that? Not them. --GreenReaper(talk) 09:51, 26 Nov 2005 (UTC)


I'm not going to edit it, as I fear the shoe might fit more than I care to admit, but...ah..."pedantic" and "ponderous," eh? Wow. Oof! With friends like her, who needs enemies? *laugh* PS: Brandy, get an account here and help me update the ARMuck entry! --Dusty Rancourt 05:27, 21 August 2007 (UTC)