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The "Characters" information is interesting enough to add them to their own entries under "Alien Species." 00:06, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Good point. I changed those characters to be Wikified entries. Anyone want to write articles for them? --Dmuth 03:01, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)

The Truth About Jerry Collins and Brian O'Connell[edit]

Brian O'Connell here. First, I know I'm hardly the best "witness" to Collins' behavior, but I deserve at least a bit of testimony on my own behalf.

Back in 1991, I convinced my GF and her mom to help me get Jerry to the next ConFurence. They agreed, so out he came, and went home with a nice big chunk of change as a result.

Later, I published a bunch of minicomics for him.

Shortly after that, I broke up with my GF, so I was sent packing, her mom, being appreciative that at the time, I was helping the family to feel better, since her husband was dying of metasticised lung cancer, bought me a car (a 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham) and a Caveman Camper trailer, which I lived in for a few months before, at the agreement of Jerry, I would use to move to Atlanta in early February, 1993.

Shortly after arriving, they then told me they needed to move, and NOW. On top of which, they also told me Rebeccah Collins was pregnant, and needed an abortion. So I in turn contacted my primary art buyer, who readily supplied me with the funds for the abortion first ($425), and later, the $550 they needed as a deposit on the house they were aiming for, which was owned by a close friend, Ras Zimbabwe, a singer/musician for the local band, One Drop Plus. During which, I had loaned my car to our roommate, to tow trailers for said band. One night, approximately 2 weeks into my arrival in Atlanta, he wrecked the car, while towing. Because he said he was about 5 MPH over the limit, my insurance refused to cover the wreck.

Regardless, they got their house. I wound up selling the wreck for a couple hundred dollars, and the camper shortly thereafter for a few hundred more, because of shortages when Jerry failed to reinstate his SSI "I'm too crazy to work" priveledges.

Then there were the injuries to insult. In the summer, I contracted Lymes Disease. I felt like I was coming down with major flu symptoms. Jerry and Becky were THRILLED at it, because it meant that they wouldn't have to associate with me for at least a few days. Now back in the early 90s, Lymes Disease was still a new thing. Barely anyone knew of it. But back at the time, I was suffering, Jerry brought me a bowlful of weed to occasionally show signs of giving a damn, but then would bugger off the moment he had the chance. And how would I know I had Lyme Disease? Because I felt a ring of bumps on my right torso that was painful, or as I described it at the time, like a bunch of mosquitoes had a campfire jambouree. I only figured it out about 5-6 years after the fact.

In October of that year, I was running down the stairs, and decided to jump the last few steps, forgetting there was an air vent blocking my path. As a result, I hit it and missed a step, landing on my left leg the wrong way, resulting in a serious sprain to my left knee. The Collins Clan was pleased beyond belief, because it resulted in their being able to pretend I didn't exist for at least another month.

Shortly later, I snagged a temp job doing concessions for Cirque Du Soleil, part of which I put towards paying for a car my GF got for me. Only from there did everything really go downhill. Collins, et al, were enfuriated with me because I didn't let them use the car themselves (which I technically didn't own, not to mention didn't feel good about loaning them since they wrecked my LAST car). Then, after all was said and done, the ex GF taking back said car, I contracted a cold, which then Rebeccah jumped all over me for, even though you only perceive colds AFTER you've passed well into contaguiousness, and Jerry's son (the one who was conceived AFTER I paid for his sibling's abortion) caught a cold, they blamed me for that too.

Also, while I was there, Jerry says I was doing a conga joke, singing "Buttshot buttshot buttshow", he fails to note what he told me when I mentioned it to him: "Get everything you can, suck 'em dry". Considering how he treated someone who kept him from going homeless in the realestate purges of the '96 Olympics, well, you should have a good idea.

So all of you who complain about my professional practices, consider who I got advice from. Contact me if you wish, and I can provide proof of my identity, at spoogegod at comcast dot net. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .