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I'd have to check, but I don't think "Lance Cannon" and "Rest Your Gun Here" are actually considered part of the Better Days setting. "Lance" might be part of the setting, but either way it doesn't actually tie in to the comic in any way. Same thing with "Mrs. Doris Henderson."--MythicFox 21:27, 2 August 2007 (UTC)


Would an editor more skilled in political speech like to talk about Jay's insertion of conservative Christian content in his comics? I feel I have to recuse myself of making such a statement, because as a politically-minded liberal, I'm just not a neutral party. I'll make one if nobody else does, but I get the feeling that my entry wouldn't be as neutral as it could be. For my part, seeing these insertions led me to stop buying his CDs, even though I know he's been doing it pretty much throughout his comics. -- Organous 19:19, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

I have read much of his work and found that the only gay characters I have seen thus far in his comics, the male fox twins, Xenon & Xephyr in Huckleberry Ann, chapter 3 are portrayed as having pedophilic intent along with many other crass stereotyping characteristics such as a penchant for visiting truck-stops. In addition, an act of homosexual sex in chapter 4 of his series, Fall of Little Red Riding Hood is described as "deviancy". Many of the characters portrayed as being of African heritage are also written as more oversexed and of lesser moral character than the other characters in the comics. Hardly a neutral sounding opinion but one must read his work, specifically the aforementioned series, for themselves to see it. A lot of subtle & not-so-subtle, demeaning jokes thrown in at the expense of non-white, non-heterosexual characters. If one is in need of his artwork and they do not support his obviously racist & homophobic political leanings they need only do a google image search with safesearch disabled fo find most of these works for free posted on image boards & blogs in foreign countries. Please enjoy his work for free and do not support him or any other member of the species homosapiens asshaticus southernbigotus. --Unsigned post by at 08:22, 20 July 2010
---To the unsigned poster; To begin, the Hucklemary Anne chapter you mention with the foxes, there are homosexuals who prefer feminine males over masculine males. This does not automatically define pedophillic intent, unless the hoards of consumers of twink-gay-porn are potential pedos as well. Additionally, I thought that Xenon and Xepher's lines in question to be in sarcasm. Plus, the same issue mentions them trying to 'get at' Justin, who in the previous chapter appears to be old enough to consent (several times).-----In the Fall of Red story where homosexuality is defined as 'deviancy', you may have missed that IT WAS A CHARACTER SPEAKING. Not Jay Naylor narrating, but a woman living in a middle-earth setting where one can automatically assume people were more conservative. This was not an instance of any of Jay's biases, but merely the setting of the story. And even then, if he's so anti-gay, then why publish 'Mikey Begins'? Why include a positively-portrayed Flounce in Better Days? Please explain the negativity in either Mikey or Flounce's characters. -----As to his portrayal of 'black' characters, I didn't think that it was negative. The black characters were Harvey, the school principal, and Nikki, the girl abused by her father. I don't see how Nikki herself is a negatively portrayed character; yes she had a bad start, but she ended-up as a nurse in the military and seemed quite well-adjusted. Perhaps you could say Principal Harvey was a negatively portrayed black character, or perhaps it was just an attempt to interject some variety in the cast. Later on, if I'm not mistaken, a 'white' character used Lucy to get at Sheila and 'white' characters are responsible for turning Persia into a heroin-whore. Or perhaps you mean Nikki and Trish's fathers, both of whom are negatively portrayed Muslims. Well, firstly, converts to a religion are almost always fundamentalists, they have to be as their theology isn't indoctrinated into them from birth, and let's be completely honest, whether it's Christianity or Islam, fundamentalists aren't exactly going to be positive forces in the world. If you'll observe, later on he is equally deriding on Catholics and organized religion in general.-----Just because you disagree with Jay Naylor's politics does not give you license to smear his work or him as an individual. Get over yourself and your rabid, extremist views. He is not the right-wing nut you would have people think, and you are not the fair and balanced angel you think yourself, especially if you actively encourage people to support the piracy of his work.-----Nightshade1, posted 5/19/2011

Far left democratic - socialist liberal here. I usually hear a lot of terrible things about Jay Naylor, but I choose to ignore them because I simply don't know what's speculation, bull shit, nor credible. There are some problems that I do got with the guy though. Lets just call them criticisms.

  1. 1 Gay characters.

Plain and simple, there actually aren't any. There's Bisexuals, I'll give you that, but there isn't a single gay character (save for the two foxes) in sight. Which is all fine and good, a web comic doesn't need gay characters, but I don't quite understand what you're trying to argue. Probably something lost in translation. Either you're arguing he has bisexuals, therefor demonstrating, which we can assume, that he has no issues with gay men. If that's the argument you're using then that's cool. But here's the second argument you also might be using - and this is the one that worries me. That Mikey and Flounce are gay. And to put it bluntly, they're simply not.

So, to summarize my point here - Whether Jay Naylor is a bigot or not hinges on whether he considers Flounce and Mikey gay. If he does, then he's simply misinformed and he doesn't know what 'gay' is. If he considers them bisexual, then well, maybe he isn't. But even then I could easily get into how stereotypical the two are portrayed, especially Mikey. Fortunately for the both of us though, I'm not going to touch that with a ten foot pole.

  1. 2 Pretentious

I never really had too much of a problem with 'teh objectivisum!' until fairly recently, where he decided to put a quote about it on the cover of a freakin' porn comic. Last time I checked, isn't art supposed to be interpreted, as opposed to told? Jay Naylor really has an obsession with hammering that in. It's almost like he's sitting you down in a chair and beating you with an endless lecture about objectivity. It was a bit preachy before, but now it's really gotten out of hand. I'm not asking for objectivity to not exist, I'm asking for some subtlety. And I don't think this point can be argued when he's literally has a quote about it - not just on a book - but on a erotica of all things!

  1. 3 DNP and hypocrisy.

He doesn't like his shit being posted. That's fine, I actually don't mind that. Because I for one believe an artist should feel however the fuck they want about their stuff being posted - because it's there creation. What I don't like however, is hypocrisy. So, apparently Jay Naylor used to be homies with Mat Sherer until they eventually had a fight. Well, okay, that's fine and dandy. I've lost some friends in my time. What I do mind however, is that Jay is still using Lucy Black. For a guy that's going on a crusade against DNP isn't that just a bit hypocritical? He's not just stealing a web comic, he's stealing intellectual property.

Well, unless Mat Sherer didn't have a problem with it. Then I guess it's all cool. So I guess this argument would be more or less based around whether or not Mat Sherer consented to Jay Naylor still using his character. - Likes the Colour Purple. Edit: Also, I don't believe that fellow above you ever said he had any particular beliefs so calling him an extremist isn't helping with Jay Naylor's image or your own. You kind of come across as a bit of a foaming-out-the-mouth stereotypical tea partiers. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .