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Let's see how this one plays out =/ Spirou 21:51, 4 August 2008 (UTC)

Honestly I don't like J for a simple fact: I've sent rational E-mails to him. He only wants the worst dumbest hate-mail and honestly, I don't see any reason to like him. I view him as a famous troll against furries. Fursaffis of Fur Haven Forums 01:03, 5 August 2008 (UTC)

Suggest deletion[edit]

Nothing links here and the material seems covered about the website. -- Sine 15:28, 6 June 2011 (EDT)


Merged the quotes into the "God Hates Furries" article - changed this page to a redirect for the moment, but there's no real reason to keep it long term as far as I can see. Bezel 11:03, 21 June 2011 (EDT)