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Synopsis v Summary[edit]

Since this is a paid work, please don't post extensive, detailed, page-by-page summaries of the comics or stories. In addition, don't use WF as a place to plug your reviews or FA page, unless you directly contributed to the comic itself, and even then only as a direct reference to the specific part you contributed toward; if it's not mentioned, don't link it. A simple summary of the overall plot (no spoilers/endings) and any key points or issues it may address (again, NO SPOILERS) should suffice.

Pirated Images[edit]

When I revised the article, I noticed the image file names and sizes matched those being passed around in torrents. I am not a WikiFur admin, but I'm almost positive the AUP for images would prevent the use of known pirated material, even as a reference. If you want to add cover images back in, please use the ones supplied by Karis on his webpage or LuLu store. If I find pirated pages on here again, I'll contact an administrator.