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This article seems close in spirit if not word to Hy00man already - is a merger in order? Also, mostly used by Russian furries? That part is simply inaccurate, as "Hyooman" and variations of it have seemed pretty widespread in Furry and also, sci-fi fandom to a degree. (FYI: "Hyooman" was a popular mispronuciantion by the Star Trek character Quark, to refer to human beings in a derogatory manner.) -- ToyDragon(talk)

I started the article on Hy00man a while back, based on several years of usage of the terms and its variations. Never saw the "Hooman" one Wikifur, so it may be a unique new furry term of its own. just my 2 cents. (Spirou@work) 23:15, 27 Oct 2005 (UTC)
I object. 'Hooman' is a distinct entity; even pronouncation is different. 'Hooman' is pronounced with 'oo' as in 'look'. Wesha 12:31, 17 Nov 2005 (UTC)