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Think that I have to take issue with the following line in the article: "StarReach's Quack!, which not only parodied the short-lived "Duck Craze" of the late '70s (remember "Disco Duck"? Right.)"

In fact, QUACK did NOT parody the Duck Craze (except in the BEAVERS strip by Dave Sim), but did anthropomorphic stories in general, a bit more adult than the genre was known for at the time. If anything, it rode the crest of the wave of the Duck Craze, which was actually fostered by the appearance and short-lived fanatic acclaim of the HOWARD THE DUCK book from Marvel. In fact, the first couple of issues of QUACK featured covers and short stories by Frank Brunner, the original artist of the HTD feature before leaving Marvel over creative differences. But QUACK's other best known strips featured critters other than ducks, such as "Cosmo Cat" by Scott Shaw!, "The Beavers" by Dave Sim, and "Newton, The Wonder Rabbit" by Steve Leialoha (with help from folks like Sergio Aragones and Alex Nino).

...I probably should have just edited that in I suppose... just wanted to note the difference between 'parodying' and 'taking advantage of a trend'. 05:34, 25 March 2008 (UTC)