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High Tail Hall 2.0 change log[edit]

  • (1-2-12) The HTH STudios website is currently having some issues. I will post once we get back online. Please visit out FA page in the meantime. Thanks for Playing! Updates will continue through 2012.
  • (2-26-11) HTH2 has been updated with new graphics and a new GUI. Many characters have relaunched as well.
  • (12-12-09) I think the " Up to the minute" part the fur affinity link at the bottom should be edited. The guy hasnt touched his page since he phased into another plane of existence (again) two months ago.
  • (5-12-09) Still no updates. any idea if crowchild is even working on this any more?
    • (15-5-09) Hopefully yes. I understand it's hard trying to balance real world problems and the internet..but can't we get some sort of status update at least?
      • (5-14-09): Yeah, at least something telling us hes still working on it, not even an update, just something on the site saying '(date) sorry I've not updated in so long, but I haven't forgotten about you!'
        • Balancing real world problems with the internet? Sounds like an excuse for lazy I have used at least once.
  • (5-27-09) We have been working on HTH without David and have a new character "Marissa" ready to be updated into the game but are waiting for Dave to come back. We also fixed some of Bella's problems ( no longer will there be no noise from her after you press "MORE" and the immediate cumshot is a problem due to missing sprites.) <-- These will be fixed WHEN DAVID RETURNS and we also have established our ground for the HTH 1.7 Remake.
    • (5-28-09): Well thanks! I had just told myself that I wasn't going to check again if there weren't any updates and I would give up, but now I think I shall continue to check for updates! Great work! Now the question is if we can get a timeframe as to when he will be back, days, weeks, hours, etc?
    • (6-9-09): So when is David returning? Any ideas anyone? I was under the impression that he was getting back soon. Have any updates been made? I don't check their website, I just check here. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talkcontribs) .
      • I'm guessing that David isn't the only one who puts all of this together. Coding, speech trees and audio are (I hope to God) outsourced by other people. Apart from the artwork and actual access to the project (which I'm sure he won't trust to too many people for fear of losing it), the people he works with keep the work he needs to do to a minimum.
      • (1-20-10): ....that all was said half a year ago. Let's all get our guns together and go rescue David from his captors in the jungle.
  • (6-20-2009): Whoever is adding to this, look at the situation this way, hes in his early 20's, economy had a blow on everyone. solutions to financial problems: he is working to support himself and keep job. conflict: he is subjected to procrastinate on his site. we must wait for an mutual feeling that that money is not trouble, no update in months. a friend i know is an artist. i want her to draw me something but my friend cannot. Why? because my friend is having internal problems i do not know about. this comes from family. So with that said, remember the nature of an artist: they can create ONLY when they know the time is right. have patience for his work. hes is very busy in his life right now... --Wolf_of_Legend
    • (6-24-09): Its not so much that we're impatient (at least not me), its that we haven't heard anything from him for so long. I understand that he is going through some troubled times, most of us are. What I just want is something on his site saying that he is still working on it and hasn't abandoned the project, maybe a weekly or even monthly update saying he hasn't abandoned it. I completely understand it may take a long time before the next update, but I at least want to know hes still working on it. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to do that, and if he does it monthly, I'm sure he could find a few minutes to just say a few words on his website.

  • (7-30-09): Surprised no one mentioned this. Crowchild's FA page was updated with a journal entry mentioning an update to High Tail Hall 2 in August. It's possible it will be delayed further, but he states that the update will take the game from 20% done to 55% done.
  • (8-31-09): FAIL.
  • (9-6-09): So whatever happened to the "These will be fixed WHEN DAVID RETURNS" statement posted 5/27/09? He made a post on his FA page back in July, so obviously he has returned. Why is it then that the game still hasn't been updated? Was that statement a blatant lie, or is there something we should know about?
  • It is amazing what a little patience can do, lets just see if The team can get themselves read, they already know if they update, their is going to be a huge server spike or a crash. Which ever we, the people, cause first. Also plz Fonate towards them, it would benefit us all. TY verymush K@Z
  • (9/27/09): Crow has made another journal entry stating that the update should happen in one or two weeks. He also explains that his hard drive "shit itself" in August, and his work schedule has "been horrible this last month." Not quite sure if that means this update will be late as well. Only time will tell.
  • (10/14/09): Do I smell another fail incoming?
    • (10/15/09): It has already arrived. He's almost three weeks behind now. I honestly won't be surprised if over a month passes by with no update. Hell, I won't be surprised if it arrives in 2010.

(10/15/09): There was a folder on the HTH server which could be accessed publicly, since removed. There were prototype scenes in that folder, which included a building that said "High Tail Hall" at the enterance (outside), had a reception desk inside, had 6 or 8 floors accessible by an elevator (forget which), and had two club areas. There was also another scene with a beach area with lockers. One of the lockers on the bottom row had a cell phone with racey/nude pictures you can pick up. I believe there were two rows of green lockers, five or six wide. There may have been a shower area.

I know I sound like a troll who's trying really hard, but I'm not. I saw the .swf files with prototype scenes, and it included some scenes already in HTH2. The pre-existing scenes weren't different from what's already in HTH2. Don't believe me? Just wait until the game gets updated. You'll crap bricks. - Anonymous Lurker

    • Link or GTFO
      • Agreed with above until that day occurs... hmm i seem to be having deja vu has this happened before?
      • It was , but like I said, it has since been removed. All you get now is a 404 page not found error. You can still access the base folder, , but there's no trace of . In retrospect, I seriously wish I had been smart enough to save the .swf files so I could show others after the fact. Too late for that now. :-\ - Anonymous Lurker
      • (10/31/09): This might interest you guys:;O=D Look at the date of the Launch.png file. So it /is/ being worked on, just...slowly.
        • He made an update to his FA page on that very day. That update is where he claimed it would take him "two weeks" to release the new version with massive changes. It's been more than twice that.
          • Definitely abandoned again.
            • Again? I don't think he's worked on it in a loooong time my friend.

Even though there has not been a new release of HTH2 in a year or so, is there any chance someone can create a HTH2 version history? There was one way back when HTH2 had it's own page and it would be helpful to know which version is which when trudging through the internet, and especially know what's new if a new version is released. - Leviathan

In case anyone was wondering, the site is down, ie, he has stopped paying for it and this project is totally done.

  • The site was down temporarily due to one of the hosting servers' hard drives failing; several furry sites were affected at the same time. The files were automatically restored on 20 January 2010 from the host's most recent prior backup, which lead some individuals to believe that the site/game had been updated, but the content should be the same, barring any broken code (which sometimes happens). To my knowledge, Crowchild/Dave has every intention of continuing to update and maintain the website as well as provide updates and the eventual (but hopefully soon) release of the much anticipated Rio DVD. I have no concrete information on his plans, but can at least confirm the fact that he is alive and has been truthful about his situation in his FA journals. -ScullyRaptor 04:36, 2 February 2010 (UTC)
    • Thank ye, Scully.
  • Has anyone considered asking for an opensource of HTH2 in the least, so maybe the fans could try their hand at it? If the arguement against would go as No because it's still his project. I'd have to say no matter what the fans make it won't be the same, neither would it be his style if anybody adds animation, so it can always just be brushed off as fan made content.


Should we add this to the list of vaporware?

  • Wikipedia says vaporware "implies unwarranted optimism, an as yet unannounced abandonment of a project, or sometimes even deception; that is, it may imply that the announcer knows that product development is in too early a stage to support responsible statements about its completion date, feature set, or even feasibility. [...] the makers have a genuine intention to create their product, even if it ultimately never materializes." This should've been declared vaporware months ago.
    • Agreed. Duke Nukem 3D will be out before this.
      • You mean Duke Nukem Forever, right?
        • Yeah I totally spaced out on that one. ha...
          • It is October 14th 2010 Duke Nukem Forever is coming out I have lost faith.

Honestly, if the new year passes without an update (which it will) I think this should be added to the vaporware list... Stop giving people hope already!

vaporware —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

High Tail Hall 2.0 Is Up[edit]

New version of High Tail Hall is up and running.

High Tail Hall: Twilight Cavern[edit]

Separate article for High Tail Hall: Twilight Cavern? There has apparently been at least a beta released: -- Sine 23:47, 5 June 2013 (EDT)

  • I agree with this, although info on Twilight Cavern or Jack Salem (the artist) seems to be hard to come by. Tai 1 (talk) 19:58, 26 October 2014 (EDT)

Red Light District[edit]

Should this be a separate article or included in the main article? I have aspirations of doing an article. It's mentioned on the FAQ but in order to play it, one must have a gold account which I don't have. Tai 1 (talk) 19:58, 26 October 2014 (EDT)

List of characters[edit]

I did a count of the HTH's characters according to their wiki and it's over 70. I'm thinking a separate "List of characters" article should be done. 20:11, 24 March 2015 (EDT)

  • and someone did it and I'm already starting a cleanup on it. Tai 1 (talk) 19:47, 5 August 2017 (EDT)

This page needs to be updated, as well as revised[edit]

First of all, High Tail Hall is not dead, it has been updating monthly ever since 2012. Second of all, there is crucial information on the game that is missing from this article.

HTH Future of Free Content[edit]

I've added a reference to the Controversy section of the article, but I'm not certain this is a controversial topic to begin with. Tai 1 (talk) 18:04, 30 January 2017 (EST)

OpenHTH needs to be given its own article[edit]

Even though that the OpenHTH project was dedicated to expanding upon High Tail Hall 1.5 when it was discontinued, it was not an official High Tail Hall game, and it was not supported or endorsed in any way by Crowchild. Removing the section about OpenHTH and creating a new article to document it would be the most appropriate action to be taken to address this issue.

High Tail Hall has been officially renamed to New Cyana[edit]

After a year since the announcement of the proposed re-branding of High Tail Hall, it seems that based on this recent Twitter post of Crow's planned HTH Studios projects (, Crowchild has officially settled on the new name for the High Tail Hall project. The name of this article needs to be changed to "New Cyana" in order to reflect the re-branding of the game.

The information about High Tail Hall 1.0, 2, and the Flash version of HTH (2011) MUST remain on the article after it is renamed. They are previous incarnations of the same project, and it will cause confusion if "High Tail Hall" and "New Cyana" become separate articles. Realandyisepic (talk) 15:06 21 October 2018 (EST)