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If Gryph Sylvr should be merged with Gryph, then Bane Sylvr should also be merged, since they are different characters that their creator can relate to in real life. These are two characters that are roleplayed by the person that is called Gryph out of character. The reason that none of these topics should be merged is as simple as pointing out that OOC, Gryph is an Otherkin and does not consider his OOC fursona to identify with his character 100%. In real life, Gryph does not view himself as his creation, Gryph Sylvr. Gryph views himself as a creation that Gryph Sylvr was based upon. This is why there is not yet a page built to describe Sikal Sylvr, Gryph Sylvr's father.

In fact, Gryph only started calling himself that because he needed a nickname OOC and his main character was called Gryph. Ironically, his main character was given that nickname in RP because he was a nameless Gryph(on). In a sense, OverGryph is called Gryph OOC by his close friends because he roleplays a gryphon nicknamed Gryph; moreover, in RP and clearly shown on his wiki page, Gryph's actual name is GCCE001.

Very many noticable differences rest between the two characters and are clearly noted on each page in the wiki. It is stressed that each of these wikis remain on its separate page because there is plenty of unrelated material on each page expressing these notable differences. Not everyone that searches for Gryph will want to read about Gryph Sylvr, and vice versa.
OverGryph 01:27, 27 July 2008 (UTC)