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Golden Realms Muck (created by me) has seen many incarnations.

The first incarnation appeared in 1999 and was sub-titled as Mythelonne Muck, although the majority of the furry network doesn't remember it's actual beginning. The first incarnation was it's most successful version with well over 120 "actual players" on a furry medieval planet. The first incarnation, which was hosted on originally, met with deletion when crashed and was no longer accessible.

The second incarnation of Golden Realms Muck appeared on the server (owned by Snowpony). A new kingdom layout was initiated and although we were not able to restore the over 120 members on the muck, we did fairly well for a short while. These days lasted through the attempted MUF crash (by Sabs of Camelot Muck) and through the depressed non-participating panther (Caladan Atticus, former long time wizard, chose to abandon all Mucks after he lost interest in multi-user on-line chat kingdom role playing. (Caladan is always welcome to return whenever he likes. He was a good person.))

The third incarnation of Golden Realms Muck was moved to the server (owned by Findra) when networking issues began to appear on Fearing that the server was about to crash, Findra was contacted and he allowed an account and set up of Golden Realms Muck on his server (where Spindizzy Muck (successor to Toons, Furr, and Fluff) resides currently.) In more recent time, Findra permitted us to set up a web site (which is now my most successful web forum) on the server as well. The third incarnation of GRM met with several hardships and non-interest as the theme was no longer new and most furry citizens on the internet were not interested.

GRM was semi-retired for a while, while we set up Furry University Muck in the account of the second GRM incarnation on the server, which had NOT been in any danger of crashing. They were simply upgrading the server and hadn't informed anyone that they were doing it.

Recently (in late 2007), I saw the Furry Wikia listing for Golden Realms Muck and decided to try to revive the old project one last time. While under construction, GRM Classic (the working title of the fourth incarnation) is attempting to bring back some of the more popular sections of the second incarnation (the first incarnation is completely lost; sorry Drhoz.) While I have been having to work on this alone, role playing of various types still occur on both GRM Classic, as well as on Furry University Muck.

If anyone wishes to contact me to help out with GRM Classic or with anything else I am doing, simply drop me a line at my Yahoo email of dominik.ratt and I will try to get back to you. Thanks for listening to my history for Golden Realms Muck.

Warheart 17:05, 8 March 2008 (UTC)

MUCK address[edit]

The MUCK address listed here (the same as the one on Wolf MUCK currently points to a MUCK called "Golden Realms Classic", also mentioned above -- how should we note this in the article itself? Spaz Kitty 23:45, 9 March 2008 (UTC)

Re: Wolf MUCK Address[edit]

During the last down time for GRM, Wolf MUCK (second attempt) was attempted to be revived on the GRM Muck account. It flopped majorly and the Wizard (who has asked to remain nameless) who attempted it simply returned to writing, which he claimed was far easier than trying to run a Muck.

All Muck Addresses that lead to 4370 are the Muck account, while all Muck Addresses that lead to 4370 are Toonime Island Muck.

Toonime Island MUCK is a setting based on a "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" type of setting; that is the best way to describe it. There are a collection of stories that the MUCK is based on that may be found here: QCP Story Serials

I hope that clears up any confusion.

Warheart 00:01, 10 March 2008 (UTC)