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Multiple pages, presentation of images, decreasing volume of edits[edit]

Moving a prior discussion here - the question has been raised as to whether it is appropriate to have a single page on the event, or multiple ones. There is a general acceptance among editors to migrate to multiple pages as an event grows into more than three or four years; however care must be taken to transform the original article into a useful summary, while maintaining items of multiple-year relevance on it. For example, NordicFuzzCon summarizes statistics but also has sections on the unique features of the convention. A narrative summary of the history can then be made, where you might have a line or two per year for the highlights where you would have paragraphs on the breakout pages.

Regarding multiple images, it's not a great look to have a bunch of images along the side with a huge amount of white space, especially when the pages themselves and you also have to fit in the convention's yearly linking template. If the images should be included, consider use of the <gallery> sections to display thumbnails of the secondary images (e.g. timetables) in a horizontal format - and if an image is worth including, it may also be worth writing a section on the related topic, or at least a line about it in the body of the article.

Lastly, I would again urge editors to make use of the preview functionality and the goal of performing all edits in an editing session at the end of that session to avoid what was referred to as "spamming". Ideally, one edit to a single article per day is a useful target. There should be no need for five or ten edits to a single article by a single editor in a matter of minutes, or twenty in a matter of hours. This is inconsiderate to other editors because it renders the article history non-useful and means increased mail for watchers and attention spent reviewing single edits in recent changes. Something like "split article into per-year and summarize" should ideally be one edit to this page and one edit creating the initial version of each yearly article. This is not always achievable but what we have seen here remains excessive, and it cannot continue. In a case like this it is of course necessary to edit multiple articles, but that's why browser tabs exist; to help handle multiple contexts at once. --GreenReaper(talk) 01:43, 30 November 2019 (EST)