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Clarify somethings[edit]

I'm going leave the editing to you guys on this one since mine got all personal the last time. So, I'm just gonna leave this here.

I wasn't a staff member of the old Furry United. It was by only sheer confidence that I created that the new Ning-powered one a year later. I choose the name because it had a nice ring to it (I'm picky about my names sometimes) and I couldn't think of anything else. Around the time Ning was cutting it's free services, Fuzzy apparoched me about relaunching Furry United on his domain. I agreed, since I was getting tired of limitions, despite the number of members count skyrocketing. When Ning decided it wanted to shut down, I had little choice.

"On 1 October, 2008, one year after the original disappeared, Zenon Tigerpaw, owning another site called The Furry Blue DJ, decided to create his own social network going under the same name. The new site was hosted by Ning." - 2011 WikiFur entry

I only had a say in the early Furry United and MyFur that were both written from scratch. When it relaunched, I wasn't IM'd or emailed of the announcement, let alone made moderator when I signed up. So, yeah, my side of the story. --Aidan Cheddar 03:35, 19 May 2013 (EDT)