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Why is there no mention of this group as holding neonazi beliefs? Something tells me the author is trying to make it seem like these people aren't fascists.

Just make sure you include references and adhere to a NPOV --Equivamp - talk 22:52, 3 May 2017 (EDT)
Only two or three people on the group hold these alleged beliefs, not the whole staff (so far), neither are these showcased on their website. If you have to edit the article, you have to edit carefully not to give the impression that the site and all its members hold these beliefs. "But the press!", yes, the press have used a blanket statement to describe the group as such, but we have to be more careful than that. - Spirou (talk) 23:30, 3 May 2017 (EDT)
There is no documented evidence of anyone in the group holding such beliefs. What we have here is a fairly normal group of furs, mostly GBLT, who would not be in a position to hold such beliefs if they were inclined to. All allegations of Nazism are based on one color their armbands come in, (i.e. the color red is racist) the false statement that the paw print of Furry Fandom looks like a swastika, and several statements from Foxler that are years old which have been divorced from their original ironic context.
When approaching the question of Nazi beliefs, it should be considered that Nazis tend to be very proud of their beliefs and make a big show of them. They would never deny them or act contrary to them. And if this was a Nazi group, there would be evidence of rallies where Nazi flags were flown and hateful speeches were made. Most who have investigated the group have noted the conspicuous absence of this evidence.
To the contrary, the bulk of Raider published statements seem to be concerned with distinctly anti-Nazi ideas, such as keeping the Furry Fandom open to all and maintaining the freedom of expression of all Furries. Continued accusations of Nazism therefore lead to the logical conclusion that those making said allegations either have no idea what a Nazi is, or they are persecuting the group dishonestly out of pure spite or political motivations.
I personally think it would be more interesting and accurate to focus on The Furry Raiders as a scapegoat of the Antifa-Furs movement, without which they could not continue to justify their existence, as well as propagate censorship and blacklisting in The Furry Community. That would be The Raiders only legitimate claim to any notoriety at all. Other than that, they're just a Furry group, hardly different from any other Furry group, except that the bulk of their activity is taken up by defending themselves from attack by trolls and Communist sympathizers to whom facts hold no importance. User:Perri Rhoades

Ah, but aren't aren't you the Chief Visionary Officer? that is to say a glorified PR person? so isn't this entire digital written throw up that you just spewed forth PR? come on now on. User: Taryn Tiger
Actually I'm better known as Furry Fandom's most dedicated historian and apologist, now retired. And no, the above is not PR. It's my personal perspective on the question that was asked. ~User:Perri Rhoades
Yeah, no, the fandom's most dedicated historian is Fred Patten. You are listed on the Raider's website as their Chief Visionary Officer. Which means that yes, everything said in a positive light from you about the Raiders would be considered propaganda. as Defined. "information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view." Which is exactly what you did. The worst part? you fully admit it the moment you say it's a personal perspective. Take everything she says with a grain of salt. ~User: Taryn Tiger