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This is an archive of the last version of the Furry Novel List that was posted to the Usenet group, last updated in 2001

A new editable version of the list is here: Furry Novel List

* *    FURRY NOVEL LIST  -  Version 2.0  -  20-Jun-2001   * *

Introduction by original list maintainer, Dan Lorey.

   This is a list of novels that may be of interest to a.f.f readers. It 
is by no means a complete list, and if you know of something not on the 
list that should be here (or, heaven forbid, something that is on the list 
that shouldn't be *grin*), I'd appreciate it if you'd e-mail [the current 
list maintainer].

   For the list, I'm defining a "furry novel" as a novel containing at 
least one major furry character/plot thread - the presence of humans will 
not be grounds for disqualification. I realize that this is a rather broad 
definition, but I'd rather the definition be too broad than too narrow.

I've arranged the list into these categories of furriness:

   1) Animals behaving intelligently - This type of story deals with 
animals in their natural forms showing innate intelligence.
     Example: _Watership Down_ by Richard Adams.

   2) Intelligent Animals - These stories deal with animals in their 
natural forms who, through methods scientific, magical or other, are able 
to express their intelligence in interactions with humans and/or other 
"intelligent" species.
     Example: _Startide Rising_ by David Brin. (True, dolphins have no 
fur, but they *are* mammals, which, IMHO, make them ex officio furries.)

   3) Intelligent Animalmorphs - These stories, obviously enough, deal 
with anthropomorphic species.
     Example: _The Pride of Chanur_ by C. J. Cherryh. 

   Wherever possible, the listings include author, title, specie(s) of 
furries involved, year of publication, publisher and ISBN number (usually 
for a U.S. paperback edition). This list now includes, where possible, 
forthcoming furry books (information for these books has been gleaned from 
assorted sources, especially the _Locus_ list of forthcoming books). For 
these books, the date of publication and publisher is set off in 

   If you feel like sending additions, please include as much of this info 
as you can. My sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed additions - 
the response to date has been gratifyingly overwhelming!

   I make no promises as to how good the stories are; besides, I'm sure 
opinions may vary on many of these novels (both on quality and furriness).

   Dan Lorey


Adams, Richard: 
   The Plague Dogs   [Dogs]
   Shardik  [Bear]
   Traveler  [Horse]
   Watership Down  [Rabbits]  1975, Avon, 0-380-00293-0
   Tales from Watership Down [Rabbits]  1998, Avon, 0-380-72934-2

Brown, Rita Mae:  [Cats, Dogs]
   1) Wish You Were Here       1991, Bantam, 0-553-28753-2
   2) Rest in Pieces           1993, Bantam, 0-553-56239-8
   3) Murder at Monticello     1994, Bantam, 0-553-57235-0
   4) Pay Dirt                 1996, Bantam, 0-553-57236-9
   5) Murder She Meowed        1997, Bantam, 0-553-57237-7
   6) Murder on the Prowl      1998, Bantam, 0-553-57540-6
   7) Cat on the Scent         1999, Bantam, 0-553-57541-4
   8) Pawing Through the Past  2000, Bantam, 0-553-10738-0 (HC)
   [Later novels in this series tend towards category 2]

Clement, Aeron: 
   The Cold Moons  [Badgers]  1990, Dell, 0-440-50331-0
Corbett, W.J.: "Pentecost" series  [mice, fox]
   1) The Song of Pentecost  1982, Methuen, 0-416-24730-X
   2) Pentecost and the Chosen One  1984, Methuen, 0-416-50190-X
   3) Pentecost of Lickey Top  1988 (?)

Dann, Colin: "Animals of Farthing Wood" series [Fox, Badger, Rabbits,
               Mice, Owl, Kestrel, etc.]
   1) The Animals of Farthing Wood
   2) In the Grip of Winter
   3) Fox's Feud
   4) The Fox Cub Bold
   5) Seige of White Deer Park
   6) In the Path of the Storm
   7) Battle for the Park

Frost, Gregory:
   Lyrec  [Cats]
Gallico, Paul:
   The Abandoned [Cats]  1995, Intl Polygonics, 1-55882-097-3

Grahame, Kenneth:
   The Wind in the Willows  [All sorts of charming critters]  1908
Hancock, Niel:
   Dragon Winter  [Otters, Badgers, Beavers]
      1978, Popular Library, 0-445-04191-9
Harrington, Donald:
   The Cockroaches of Stay More  [Cockroaches] 1989, HBJ
    [Note: This book was suggested for the "Almost, But Not Entirely,
     Totally Unlike Watership Down" category.]

Henry, Marguerite:
   Cinnabar, The One O'Clock Fox  [Foxes]  1956 (Republished 1980)

Hoban, Russell:
   The Mouse and His Child  [Mice, Others] 1982, Avon Bard 
Horwood, William:
   Callanish  [Golden eagles]
   The Stonor Eagles  [Sea eagles]

Horwood, William: "The Duncton Chronicles" series  [Moles]
   1) Duncton Wood
   2) Duncton Quest
   3) Duncton Found
   4) Duncton Tales   1991, Harper Collins, 0-00-647218-4
   5) Duncton Rising  1992, Harper Collins, 0-00-674302-4
   6) Duncton Stone   1993, Harper Collins, 0-00-647601-5

Horwood, William: "The Wolves of Time" series [Wolves]
   1) Journeys to the Heartland"  1996 UK, Harper Collins, 0-00-649694-6
   2) Seekers at the Wulfrock"    1997 UK, Harper Collins, 0-00-223678-8

Huggins, James Byron:
   A Wolf Story  [Wolves, Lion] 1993, Harvest House, 1-56507-126-3

 Jacques, Brian: "Redwall" series  [Mice, Badgers, Foxes, Rats, others]
   1) Redwall              1990, Avon, 0-380-70827-2
   2) Mossflower           1990, Avon, 0-380-70828-0
   3) Mattimeo             1991, Avon, 0-380-71530-9
   4) Mariel of Redwall    1993, Avon, 0-380-71922-3
   5) Salamandastron       1993, Philomel, 0-399-21992-7 (HB version)
                           1994, Ace, 0-441-00031-2 (PB version)
   6) Martin the Warrior   1994, Philomel (HB)
                           1995, Ace, 0-441-00186-6 (PB)
   7) The Bellmaker        1995, Philomel (HB)
   8) Outcast of Redwall   1997, Ace, 0-441-00416-4
   9) The Pearls of Lutra  1998, Ace, 0-441-00508-X
   10) The Long Patrol      1999, Penguin USA, 0-441-00599-3
   11) Marlfox              2000, Ace 0-441-00693-0
   12) The Legend of Luke   2000, Philomel, 0-399-24390-X (HC)
   13) Lord Brocktree       2000, Philomel, 0-339-23590-6 (HC)

Jarvis, Robin "The Deptford Mice" series [Mice, Rats]
   1) The Dark Portal      2000, Seastar, 1-587-17021-3 (HC)
                           2000, Knight,  0-340-78862-3 (UK)
   2) The Crystal Prison   2000, Knight,  0-340-78863-1 (UK)
   3) The Final Reckoning  2000, Knight,  0-340-78864-X (UK)

Jarvis, Robin "The Deptford Histories" series [Mice, Rats, Cats] (UK)
   1) The Alchymist's Cat  2000, Knight,  0-340-78865-8 (UK) [Grim!]
   2) The Oaken Throne     2000, Knight,  0-340-78866-6 (UK)
   3) Thomas               2000, Knight,  0-340-78867-4 (UK)

Jenner, Jahann V.:
   SanDeagoZu  [Coatimundi, Snakes, Langur]  1986, Harper and Row,

Jones, Diana Wynne:
   Dogsbody  [Dog]  1975, Dell

Kilworth, Garry:
   The Foxes of Firstdark  [Foxes] (European Title: Hunter's Moon)
   Frost Dancers  [Hares]  (UK PB - HarperCollins)
   Midnight Sun  [Wolves]  (UK)

Kilworth, Garry: "Welkin Weasels" series [Weasels]
   1) Thunder Oak     1999, Corgi, 0-552-54546-5 (UK)
   2) Castle Storm    1999, Corgi, 0-552-54547-3 (UK)
   3) Windjammer Run  1999, Corgi, 0-552-54548-1 (UK)

King, Gabriel: "Wild Road" series [Cats]
   1) The Wild Road   1997, Del Rey, 0-345-42303-8
   2) The Golden Cat  1999, Del Rey, 0-345-42305-4

Kipling, Rudyard: [Mongoose, Wolves, Elephants, Horses, Mules]
   The Jungle Book 
   The Second Jungle Book
   Just So Stories

Kotzwinkle, William:
   Doctor Rat  [Rats, Dogs]  1977, Bantam, 0-553-10382-2
    [Note: This looks like an amazingly bizarre book, and should be
     considered as marginally furry.]

Lawrence, R. D.: 
   Cry Wild  [Wolves]  1992, Pinnacle, 1-55817-636-5
   The White Puma  [Pumas]  1991, Pinnacle, 1-55817-532-6

London, Jack:
   Call of the Wild  [Dogs]
   White Fang  [Dogs]

Murphy, Pat:
   Wild Angel [Wolves]  2000, Tor, 0-312-86626-7 (HC)

Oppel, Kenneth
   1) Silverwing [Bats]  1997  Aladdin,          0-689-82558-7
   2) Sunwing [Bats]     2000, Simon & Schuster, 0-689-82674-5 (HC)

Peak, Michael:
   Cat House  [Cats]  1989, Signet, 0-451-46303-6
   Catamount  [Puma]  1992, Roc, 0-451-45141-4
Pirincci, Akif: "Felidae" Series  [Cats]
   1) Felidae  1993, Villard Books, 0-679-42069-X  (HB)
   2) Francis  (Germany) (in UK as Felidae on the Road)

Roberts, Sir Charles G. D.:
   Red Fox  [Foxes] 1974 (UK)  (Originally published 1905)

Salten, Felix: "Bambi" series  [Deer, Skunks, Rabbits, etc.]  
   1) Bambi  1923 (Germany), 1928 (US)
   2) Bambi's Children  1939

Smith, Dodie: "Dalmatians" series  [Dogs]
   The Hundred and One Dalmations  1989, Viking, 0-140-34034-3
   The Starlight Barking           1997, St. Martin's, 0-312-15664-2

Stanton, Mary: "Appaloosa" series  [Horses, Dog]
   1) The Heavenly Horse of the Outermost West  1988, Baen, 0-671-65410-1
   2) Piper at the Gate  1989, Baen, 0-671-69820-6

Stranger, Joyce:
   The Running Foxes  [Foxes] 1965 (UK)

Tesnohlidek, Rudolf:
   The Cunning Little Vixen  [Foxes]

Wangerin, Walter ,Jr.:  "Chauntecleer" series  [Rooster, farm animals]
   1) The Book of the Dun Cow  1978
   2) The Book of Sorrows  1985

White, E. B.:
   Charlotte's Web
   Stuart Little

Williams, Tad: 
   Tailchaser's Song  [Cats]  1986, DAW, 0-88677-162-5


Baxter, Stephen: "Mammoth" series [Mammoths]
   1) Silverhair     2000, Harper, 0-061-02020-6
   2) Longtusk       2000, Victor Gollancz SF, 0-575-06858-2 (UK)
                June 2001, Eos, 0-380-81898-1

Beagle, Peter S.:
   The Last Unicorn  1994, New American Library, 0-451-45052-3

Bell, Clare:  "Ratha" series  [Intelligent wildcats]
   1) Ratha's Creature          1983, Dell, 0-440-97298-1
   2) Clan Ground               1984, Dell, 0-440-91287-3
   3) Ratha and Thistle-Chaser  1990
   4) Ratha's Challenge         1994

Brin, David: "Uplift" Series
   1) Sundiver  [Dolphins]
   2) Startide Rising  [Dolphins, Chimpanzee]  1983, Bantam, 
   3) The Uplift War  [Chimpanzees, Dolphins, Assorted Morphs] 1987, 
                      Bantam, 0-553-25121-X
   4) Brightness Reef  *October 1995, Bantam/Spectra*
Burroughs, Richard:
   The Year of the Angry Rabbit  [Rabbits]

Callander, Don:
   Marbleheart [Sea Otter]  1998, Ace, 0-441-00538-1

Camp, Joe:
   Oh, Heavenly Dog! [Man reincarnated as dog]  1980, 0-590-31400-9

Capek, Karl:
   War with the Newts  [Newts]
     [Note: This book is probably on the limiting edge of furriness.]

Card, Orson Scott & Kathryn H. Kidd: "The Mayflower Trilogy" [Monkey]
   1) Lovelock  1994, Tor, 0-812-51805-5
   2) Rasputin  2002?

Carroll, Jerry Jay:
   Top Dog [Man turned into dog]  1998, Ace, 0-441-00513-6

Conly, Jane Leslie: "NIMH" series (continued)  [Rats]
   2) Racso and the Rats of NIMH  1986 
   3) R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH  1990
  (Note: See also O'Brien, Robert C.)

Cook, Kenneth:
   Play Little Victims  [Mice]  1978, Pergamon Press (Australia) Pty Ltd
Dahl, Roald:
   Fantastic Mr. Fox  [Fox]

Dexter, Susan: "The Winter King's War"  [Cat]
  [Note: The cat in this series is a major character, but the series as
   a whole should probably be considered as only moderately furry.]
   1) The Ring of Allaire          1981, Del Rey, 0-345-29273-1
   2) The Sword of Calandra        1985, Del Rey, 0-345-29717-2
   3) The Mountains of Channadran  1986, Del Rey, 0-345-31976-1
Diamond, Graham:
   The Haven  [Wolves]  Playboy Press (rewritten and recently 
   re-released as "Forest Wars" by Lion Press)

Dickson, Gordon R.: 
   Masters of Everon  [Alien Cats]  1980, Ace, 0-441-52179-7
   Wolf and Iron  [Wolf]  1991, Tor, 0-812-50946-3

Duane, Diane:
   Dark Mirror  [Dolphin]  1993, Pocket, 0-671-79377-2
   [Note: The furriness of this Star Trek:The Next Generation novel is
    marginal, but a dolphin navigator aboard the _Enterprise_ is a
    major character.]

Duane, Diane:  "Wizardry" series
   1) Deep Wizardry  [Dolphins, whales, sharks, other deep-sea animals]
   2) So You Want to Be a Wizard  [Dogs]
   3) High Wizardry  [Macaw]
   4) A Wizard Abroad  [Cat-bard, intelligent fox]

Duane, Diane: "Cats of Grand Central" series [Cats]
   1) The Book of Night with Moon  1999, Aspect, 0-446-60633-2
   2) To Visit the Queen           2000, Aspect, 0-446-60855-6
      [UK Title: On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service]

Ende, Michael:
   The Night of Wishes  [Cat, Raven]

Forward, Eve:
   Animist [Rat]  2000, Tor, 0-312-86891-X [HC]

Foster, Alan Dean:
   Cat-a-lyst  [Cats]  1991, Ace, 0-441-64661-1

Freer, Dave and Eric Flint:
   Rats, Bats & Vats [rats, bats]  2000, Baen, 0-671-31940-X (HC)

Garnett, David S.:
   Lady into Fox  [Fox]

Garrett, Randall and Vicki Ann Heydron: "The Gandalara Cycle"  [Lions]
   1) The Steel of Raithskar  
   2) The Glass of Dyskornis
   3) The Bronze of Eddarta
     [Books 1-3 also as omnibus "TGC: Volume 1"  Bantam, 0-553-25942-3]
   4) The Well of Darkness
   5) The Search for Ka
   6) Return to Eddarta
     [Books 4-6 also as omnibus "TGC: Volume 2"  Bantam, 0-553-25943-1]
   7) The River Wall    Bantam, 0-553-27671-9
Greeno, Gayle: "The Ghatti's Tale" series  [Cats]
   1) Finders, Seekers     1993, DAW, 0-88677-550-7
   2) Mind Speaker's Call  1994, DAW, 0-88677-579-5
   3) The Exiles' Return   *May 1995, DAW*

Greeno, Gayle: "Ghattens' Gambit" series [Cats]
   Sunderlies Seeking    1998, DAW, 0-88677-805-0
   The Farthest Seeking  2000, DAW, 0-88677-897-2

Harper, Tara K.: "Tales of the Wolves" series  [Wolves]
   1) Wolfwalker     1990, Del Rey, 0-345-36539-9
   2) Shadow Leader  1991, Del Rey, 0-345-37163-1
   3) Storm Runner   1993, Del Rey, 0-345-37162-3
   4) Grayheart    1996, Del Rey, 0-345-38053-3
   5) Wolf's Bane  1997, Del Rey, 0-345-40634-6

Hawke, Simon:
   The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez [Cat]  1992, Warner, 0-446-36241-7

Huff, Tanya:
   Summon the Keeper [Cat]  1998, Daw, 0-88677-784-4

Jablokov, Alexander:
   A Deeper Sea  [Dolphins, Whales]  1992, AvoNova, 0-688-11113-0 (HB)
                                     1993, AvoNova, 0-380-71709-3 (PB)

Key, Ted:
   The Cat from Outer Space  [Alien Cat]  1978, Pocket, 0-671-81740-X
    [Note: Novelization of the Disney movie.]

Kidd, Paul:
   Mus of Kerbridge [Mouse]  1995, TSR, 0-7869-0094-6

Koontz, Dean R.:
   Watchers  [Dog]  1988, Berkeley, 0-425-10746-9  
Kurtz, Katherine:
   The Legacy of Lehr  [Alien Cats]  1988, Avon, 0-380-70454-4

L'Engle, Madeline:
   A Swiftly Tilting Planet

Lackey, Mercedes:  "Magic" Series
   1) Magic's Pawn  [Birds]  DAW
   2) Magic's Promise        DAW
   3) Magic's Price  [Intelligent, magical wolves]  DAW

Lewis, C.S.: "The Chronicles of Narnia" series [Lion, Mousemorph]
   1) The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
   2) Prince Caspian
   3) The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader"
   4) The Silver Chair
   5) The Horse and His Boy
   6) The Magician's Nephew
   7) The Last Battle

Lovejoy, Jack:
   Outworld Cats  [Alien Cats]  1994, DAW, 0-88677-596-5

Merle, Robert:
   The Day of the Dolphin  [Dolphins]

Mieville, China:
   King Rat [Rats]  1999, Tor, 0-312-89073-7

Milne, A.A.:
   The Complete Winnie-the-Pooh  [Talking plush animals]  1926-28

Murphy, Pat:
   Rachel in Love [Chimpanzee]  1992, Pulphouse, 1-56146-548-8
   [46-page booklet]

Murphy, Shirley Rosseau:
   The Catswold Portal  [Cats]  1993, DAW, 0-451-45275-5

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau: "Joe Grey Mystery" series [Cats]
   1) Cat on the Edge [& were-cat]  1996, Harper, 0-06-105600-6
   2) Cat under Fire                1997, Harper, 0-06-105601-4
   3) Cat Raise the Dead            1997, Harper, 0-06-105602-2
   4) Cat in the Dark               1999, Harper, 0-06-105947-1
   5) Cat to the Dogs               2000, Harper, 0-06-105988-9
   6) Cat Spitting Mad              2000, Harper, 0-06-105098-9 (HC)

Norton, Andre:
   The Mark of the Cat  [Cats]  1993, Ace, 0-441-51971-7
   The Zero Stone  [Alien Cat]  1992, Roc
   Uncharted Stars [Alien Cat]  Roc

O'Brien, Robert C.: "NIMH" series 
   1) Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
  (Note: See also Conly, Jane Leslie)

Payne, Michael H.:
   The Blood Jaguar [Bobcat, others]  1999, Tor, 0-812-56675-0

Poyer, Joe:
   Operation Malacca  [Dolphins]

Reichert, Mickey Zucker & Jennifer Wingert
   Spirit Fox [Cat, Were-fox]  2000, Daw 0-88677-807-7

Roberson, Jennifer: "Chronicles of the Cheysuli" series  [Wolves,       
                      Foxes, Mountain Cats, others] 
  [Note: The amount of furriness in this series varies among the         
        different books.]
   1) Shapechangers            1984, DAW, 0-88677-140-4
   2) The Song of Homana       1985, DAW, 0-88677-057-2
   3) Legacy of the Sword      1986, DAW, 0-88677-124-2
   4) Track of the White Wolf  1987, DAW, 0-88677-193-5
   5) A Pride of Princes       1988, DAW, 0-88677-261-3
   6) Daughter of the Lion     1989, DAW, 0-88677-324-5
   7) Flight of the Raven      1990, DAW, 0-88677-422-5
   8) A Tapestry of Lions      1992, DAW, 0-88677-524-8

Ruff, Matt:
   Fool on the Hill  [Dogs, Cats]  1989, Warner, 0-446-35772-3
    [Note: As an added bonus for some of us *grin*, the novel is set
     in and around Cornell University!]

Schmidt, Stanley:
   Tweedlioop [Alien squirrel]  1988, Tor, 0-812-53155-8

Simak, Clifford D.:
   City [Dogs]  1982, 0-441-10627-7

Stapledon, Olaf:
   Sirius  [Dog]

Strieber, Whitley:
   The Wild  [Wolves]  1991, Tor, 0-812-51277-4
   The Wolfen  [Wolves]  1978, Bantam, 0-553-12626-1

Von Gunden, Kenneth: "K-9 Corps" series  [Dogs]
   1) K-9 Corps        1991, Ace, 0-441-09128-8
   2) Under Fire       1991, Ace, 0-441-42494-5  [also Cats]
   3) Cry Wolf         1992, Ace, 0-441-42495-3
   4) The Last Resort  1993, Ace, 0-441-42496-1

Weber, David.:
   Worlds of Honor [Cat-like aliens]  2000, Baen, 0-671-57855-3

Westall, Robert:
   The Cats of Seroster  [Intelligent Cats]

Wharton, William:
   Franky Furbo  [Foxes]  1989, Henry Holt & Co., 0-8050-1157-9  

Wilson, David Henry:
   The Coachman Rat [Rat]  1990, Baen, 0-671-72031-9

Wylie, Jonathan: "Servants of Ark" series  [Cats]
  [Note: The cats in this series are major characters, but the series 
   as a whole is really only marginally furry.]
   1) The First Named           1987, Bantam Spectra, 0-553-26953-4
   2) The Center of the Circle  1988, Bantam Spectra, 0-553-27056-7
   3) The Mage-Born Child       1988, Bantam Spectra, 0-553-27270-5

Zelazny, Roger:
   A Night in the Lonesome October  [Dog, others]  1993


Alton, Andrea L.:
   Demon of Undoing  [Felinoids]  1988, Ace, 0-671-65413-6

Anderson, Poul:
   Inconstant Star  [Felinoids]  1991, Baen, 0-671-72031-7
    [Note: Novel built from Anderson's short stories in the "Man-Kzin
     Wars" series by Larry Niven]
   People of the Wind  [Eaglemorphs]
   Ensign Flandry [Tiger-morphs]  1985, Ace, 0-441-20726-X

Anderson, Poul & Gordon R. Dickson: "Hoka" series [Teddy-Bear-morphs]
   Earthman's Burden  1979, Avon, 0-380-47993-1
   Hoka!              1984, 0-671-43021-1

Anvil, Christopher:
   Pandora's Planet  [Felinoids]  1973, DAW

Arnason, Eleanor:
   Ring of Swords  [Alienmorphs]

Arnason, Eleanor: "A Woman of the Iron People" series  [Furry aliens]
   1) In the Light of Sigma Draconis
   2) Changing Women

Bakis, Kirsten:
   Lives of the Monster Dogs  1998, Warner, 0-446-67416-8

Barrett, Neal: "Aldair" series  [Wolfmorphs, Bearmorphs, etc.]
   1) Aldair in Albion
   2) Aldair, Across the Misty Sea
   3) Aldair, Master of Ships
   4) Aldair: The Legion of Beasts

Barton, William:
   When We Were Real [Fox-morph]  1999, Warner, 0-446-60706-1

Beese, P. J. and Todd Cameron Hamilton:
   The Guardsman  [Felinoids]  1988, Pageant, 0-517-00665-0

Betancourt, John:
   Rememory  [Catmorphs, Dogmorphs]  1990, Questar, 0-445-21045-1

Boyett, Steven R.
   The Architect of Sleep  [Raccoonmorphs]  1986, Ace, 0-441-02905-1

Bryant, Ed:
   Cinnabar  [Felinoid]  (story "Jade Blue")

Calder, Richard:
   Frenzetta [Rat-morphs, others]  1998, Orbit, 1-85723-683-1 [UK]

Carver, Jeffrey A.:
   Star Rigger's Way  [Felinoid]  1978, Dell, 0-440-17619-0

Cherryh, C. J.: "Chanur" series  [Felinoids]
   1) The Pride of Chanur   1982, DAW, 0-88677-181-1
   2) Chanur's Venture      1985, DAW, 0-88677-293-1
   3) The Kif Strike Back   1986, DAW, 0-88677-104-8
   4) Chanur's Homecoming   1987, DAW, 0-88677-177-3
   5) Chanur's Legacy       1993, DAW, 0-88677-559-0

Cherryh, C.J.:
   Cuckoo's Egg [Felinoids]  1994, Daw, 0-886-77371-7
   Hestia [Felinoids]        1974, Daw, 0-8867-208-7

Coney, Michael:  [Catmorphs, Foxmorphs, Raccoonmorphs]
   Cat Karina  1982, Ace, 0-441-09254-3
   The Celestial Steam Locomotive
   Gods of the Greataway

Cornell, Paul:
   Oh No It Isn't [Felinoid]  1997, London Bridge, 0-426-20507-3

Crispin, A. C.: 
   Starbridge  [Baboonmorphs]
   Starbridge: Silent Dances  (with Kathleen O'Malley)  [Birdmorphs]  
     1990, Ace, 0-441-78330-9

Crowley, John:
   Beasts  [Lionmorphs, Foxmorph]  1978, Bantam, 0-553-11102-7

Czerneda, Julie E.:
   Beholder's Eye [Multi-morph]  1998, DAW, 0-88677-818-2

Daley, Brian: "Han Solo" trilogy
   1) Han Solo at Star's End [Felinemorphs]  1979, Del Rey
   2) Han Solo's Revenge  [Otter(?)morph]    1980, Del Rey
   3) Han Solo and the Lost Legacy [Caterpillarmorph]  1980, Del Rey
DeLint, Charles:  [Foxmorphs, Stagmorphs]
   Ascian in Rose
   Westlin Wind

Dickson, Gordon:
   Alien Way  [Bear-like morphs]

Dickson, Gordon:  "Dilbian" series [bearmorphs]
   Spatial Delivery  1961, Ace Books
   Spacepaw          1969, Ace Books (1983)
   The Right to Arm Bears [Bear-morphs]  2000, Baen, 0-671-31959-0
    [Contains "Space Paw", "Spatial delivery", "The Law-Twister Shortly]

Ellison, Harlan (editor):
   Medea: Harlan's World  [Foxtaurs]

Farmer, Philip Jose:
   The Stone God Awakens  [Felinoids, Raccoonmorphs]  1970, Ace

Fawcett, Bill (creator): "Guardians of the Three" series  [Felinoids]
   [Note: The books of this series are "Created by" Bill Fawcett, who  
    gets the credit on the front cover/spine, but each is written by a 
    different author(s).]
   1) Lord of Cragsclaw (Bill Fawcett and Neil Randall)  
        1989, Bantam, 0-553-27462-7
   2) Keeper of the City (Peter Morwood and Diane Duane)  
        1989, Bantam, 0-553-28065-1
   3) Wizard of Tizare (Matthew J. Costello)  
        1990, Bantam, 0-553-28303-0
   4) Defenders of Ar (Jack Lovejoy)  1990, Bantam, 0-553-28453-3

Fawcett, Bill (editor):
   Cats in Space  [Catmorphs and Cats]  1992, Baen, 0-671-72118-6

Felice, Cynthia:
   Godsfire  [Felinoids]  1978, Pocket, 0-671-81472-9

Foster, Alan Dean:
   Quozl  [Rabbitmorphs]  1989, Ace, 0-441-69454-3
   Star Trek: Log Ten  [Felinoids] 1978, Del Rey, 0-345-27212-9
   [Note: Novelization of the ST animated series. The first half of
    the novel deals with Caitians and Kzinti.]

Foster, Alan Dean: "Icerigger" series  [Felinoids]
   1) Icerigger            1974, Del Rey, 0-345-33395-0
   2) Mission to Moulokin  1979, Del Rey, 0-345-33322-5
   3) The Deluge Drivers   1987, Del Rey, 0-345-33330-6

Foster, Alan Dean: "Spellsinger" series  [Ottermorphs, Foxmorphs,
     Raccoonmorphs, etc.]
   1) Spellsinger                    1983, Warner, 0-446-90352-3
   2) The Hour of the Gate           1984, Warner, 0-446-90354-X
   3) The Day of the Dissonance      1984, Warner, 0-446-32133-8
   4) The Moment of the Magician     1985, Warner, 0-446-32326-8
   5) The Paths of the Perambulator
   6) Time of the Transferance
   7) Son of Spellsinger
   8) Chorus Skating                 1994, Warner

Gadallah, Leslie: "Oriani" series  [Felinoids]
   1) Cat's Pawn    1987, Del Rey, 0-345-33742-5
   2) Cat's Gambit  1990, Del Rey, 0-345-36478-3

Gagne, Stefan:
   A Future We'd Like to See [Rabbitmorphs] 'Net.Novel (on Avatar)
   Space Patrol  [Rabbitmorphs, Mice] 'Net.Novel (patrol.txt on Avatar)

Gallagher, Diane:
   The Alien Dark  [Felinoids]

Gotlieb, Phyllis: "Starcat" series  [Felinoids]
   1) A Judgment of Dragons       1980, Ace, 0-441-42032-X
   2) Emperor, Swords, Pentacles  1982, Ace, 0-441-18067-1
   3) The Kingdom of the Cats     1985, Ace, 0-441-44453-9 

Greenberg, Martin Harry and Charles Waugh (editors):
   Animal Brigade 3000  [Assorted Morphs]  1994, Ace, 0-441-00014-2
   [Note: Anthology of stories dealing with human/animal combat

Hogarth, M. C. A.:
   Alysha's Fall [Felinoids, others]  2000, Cornwuff, 0-970-28050-5

Huff, Tanya:
   Blood Trail  [Pseudo-Wolfmorphs]  1992, DAW, 0-88677-502-7
   [Note: The cover blurb on this novel calls the furries in this
    book "werewolves". IMHO, they aren't werewolves, but are an
    amalgam of human and wolf characteristics who can take either
    form at will. Read it and see for yourself *grin*.]

Ing, Dean:
   Cathouse  [Felinoids]  1990, Baen, 0-671-69872-9
   [Note: Novel built from Ing's short stories in the "Man-Kzin Wars"  
    series by Larry Niven]

Kagan, Janet:
   Uhura's Song  [Felinoids]  1985, Pocket, 0-671-54730-5

Kahn, James: "Time" series  [Assorted morphs]
   1) World Enough and Time  1980, Ballantine
   2) Time's Dark Laughter
   3) Timefall

Kelly, James Patrick: "The Messenger Chronicles" series  [Felinoids]
   1) Planet of Whispers  1985, Tor, 0-812-54291-6
   2) Look into the Sun   1990, Tor, 0-812-54293-2

Kidd, Paul:
   A Whisper of Wings [Fox-morphs]  1999, Vision Books, 1-887038-04-3

Lackey, Mercedes:  "Winds" Series  [Felinemorph, lizards, griffons,
  birds, deer, more]
   1) Winds of Fate    DAW
   2) Winds of Change  DAW
   3) Winds of Fury    DAW

Lackey, Mercedes and Larry Dixon:
   Chrome Circle  [Foxmorphs, Dragon, FurryMuck]  1994, Baen, 

Lane, James R.:
   Redeeming Factors [Rabbit-morphs]  2000, Xlibris, 0-7388-2574-3

Lieber, Fritz: 
   "Cat's Cradle" (short story in "The Book of Fritz Leiber")

Leiber, Fritz:
   The Wanderer  [Felinoid]

Lethem, Jonathan:
   Gun, With Occasional Music  1995, Tor, 0-312-85878-7
   [Kangaroo-morph, others]

Mayhar, Ardath:
   Golden Dream: A Fuzzy Odyssey  [Fuzzies]  1983, Ace, 0-441-29726-9
   [Note: Novel set in H. Beam Piper's "Fuzzy" universe.]

McCaffrey, Anne: "Doona" series  [Felinoids]
   1) Decision at Doona  1978, Del Rey, 0-345-27864-X
   2) Crisis on Doona (with Jody Lynn Nye)  1992, Ace, 0-441-23194-2
   3) Treaty at Doona (with Jody Lynn Nye)  1994, Ace, 0-441-00089-4

Merrit, A.: "Fox Woman" series  [Foxmorph]
   1) The Fox Woman and Other Stories
   2) The Fox Woman: The Blue Pagoda  (with Hannes Bok)

Meyers, Richard S.:
   Doom Star  [Felinoid]  1978, Carlyle, 0-503-07017-3
   Return to Doom Star [Felinoid]

Miesel, Sandra:
   Shaman (also published as "Dreamrider")  [Ottermorphs]

Neal, Jr. Barrett:
   The Prophecy Machine, [Mouse morphs, more]  2000, Bantam, 0553-58195-3

Niven, Larry: "Ringworld" series  [Felinoids (Kzin), others]
   1) Ringworld
   2) The Ringworld Engineers

Niven, Larry (creator): "Man-Kzin Wars" series  [Felinoids]
   [Note: This series of anthologies was created by Larry Niven,       
    although most of the writing was done by other authors]
   The Man-Kzin Wars   1988, Baen, 0-671-65411-X
   Man-Kzin Wars II    1989, Baen, 0-671-69833-8
   Man-Kzin Wars III   1990, Baen, 0-671-72008-2
   Man-Kzin Wars IV    1991, Baen, 0-671-72079-1
   Man-Kzin Wars V     1992, Baen, 0-671-72137-2
   Man-Kzin Wars VI    1994, Baen, 0-671-87607-4
   Man-Kzin Wars VII   *July 1995, Baen*  
   Choosing Names: Man-Kzin Wars VIII  1998, Baen, 0-671-87888-3

Norman, Lisanne:
   Turning Point  [Felinoids]  1993, DAW, 0-88677-575-2
   Fortune's Wheel  *August 1995, DAW*
   3) Fire Margins              1996, Daw, 0-88677-718-6
   4) Razor's Edge              1997, Daw, 0-88677-766-6
   5) Dark Nadir                1999, Daw, 0-88677-829-8
   6) Stronghold Rising         2000, Daw, 0-88677-898-0
   7) Between Darkness & Light  2001

Norton, Andre:
   Breed to Come  [Cat, Dog, Rat]  1972
Nye, Jody Lynn:
   1) Taylor's Ark  [Alien Otter(?)morph]  1993, Ace, 0-441-79974-4
   2) Medicine Show                        1994, Ace

Pinkwater, Daniel M.:
   Lizard Music  [Lizardmorphs]

Piper, H. Beam: "Fuzzy" series  [Fuzzies]
   1) Little Fuzzy              1962, Ace, 0-441-48492-1
   2) Fuzzy Sapiens (a.k.a. The Other Human Race)  1964, Ace
   3) Fuzzies and Other People  1984, Ace, 0-441-26176-0

Piserchia, Doris:
   A Billion Days of Earth  [Dogmorphs, Ratmorphs, others]
    1976, Bantam, 0-553-08805-X

Pournelle, Jerry and S. M. Stirling:
   The Children's Hour  [Felinoids]  1991, Baen, 0-671-72089-9
   [Note: Novel built from Pournelle/Stirling short stories in the     
    "Man-Kzin Wars" series by Larry Niven] 

Rogers, Mark E.: "Samurai Cat" series  [Catmorphs]
   1) The Adventures of Samurai Cat   1984, Tor, 0-312-85016-6
   2) More Adventures of Samurai Cat  1986, Tor, 0-312-85017-4
   3) Samurai Cat in the Real World   1989, Tor, 0-312-93198-0
   4) The Sword of Samurai Cat        1991, Tor, 0-312-85156-1
   5) Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies  1994, Tor, 0-312-85744-6

Schmidt, Dennis: "The Questioner Trilogy"
   1) Labyrinth [Ursoid, Simian, Saurian]  1989, Ace, 0-441-69337-7
   2) City of Crystal Shadow [Avians]      1990, Ace, 0-441-69779-8
   3) Dark Paradise [Felinoids]            1990, Ace, 0-441-69780-1

Serdy, John ( [editor]: "The Interstate" series
   Experimental e-text [human shape-changers, various cyberspace
   morphs]. New material posted to, archived at Avatar.

Shetterly, Will
   Chimera [Leopard-morph, others]  2000, Tor, 0-312-86630-5

Silverberg, Robert: "?" series  [Primatemorphs, Insectmorphs]
   1) At Winter's End
   2) The New Springtime

Smith, Cordwainer: "Underpeople" series  [Catmorphs, Dogmorphs]
 [Note: A series of connected stories.]
   The Ballad of Lost C'Mell  (in Bill Fawcett's _Cats in Space_)
   Norstrilia             1975, Ballantine, 0-345-24366-8
   Quest of Three Worlds  1966, Ballantine, 0-345-27715-5
   The Instrumentality of Mankind  1979, Ballantine, 0-345-27716-3
   The Best of Cordwainer Smith    1975, Ballantine, 0-345-27202-1
   Space Lords                     1965, Jove/HBJ, 0-515-05122-5

Stallman, Robert: "The Book of the Beast" series  [Multimorph]
   1) The Orphan   1980, Pocket, 0-671-82958-0
   2) The Captive  1981, Pocket, 0-671-41382-1
   3) The Beast    1982, Pocket, 0-671-41383-X

Sternberg, Elf: "Journal Entries" series  [Catmorphs, Skunkmorphs, 
  Snow Leopardmorphs, Foxmorphs, Mousemorphs, Centaurs, Ottermorphs,
  Weaselmorphs, Others]
   'Net.Novel  [This is a continuing series of NC-17 rated stories - as 
   of early 1994, there were approximately 175. Stories are on several
   FTP sites - (in /pendor) and (in 
   /pub/erotica/journal-entries) are among the sites. One may also
   find sites by checking the "Stories in ASCII Format" entry in Elf's
   WWW homepage -]

Steussy, Marti:
   Forest of the Night  [Alien feathered tigers]
   Dreams of Dawn [Crabmorphs, Squidmorph]  1988, Del Rey, 0-345-35233-5

Swann, S. Andrew:  "Moreau" series [Tigermorphs, Rabbitmorphs,
  Mongoosemorphs, Others]
   1) Forests of the Night      1993, DAW, 0-88677-565-5
   2) Emperors of the Twilight  1994, DAW, 0-88677-589-2
   3) Specters of the Dawn      1994, DAW, 0-88677-613-9
   4) Fearful Symmetries        1999, Daw, 0-88677-834-4

Swycaffer, Jefferson P.:
   Web of Futures [Felinoid]  1991, TSR, 1-56076-059-1

Tuning, William:
   Fuzzy Bones  [Fuzzies]  1981, Ace, 0-441-26182-5
   [Note: Novel set in H. Beam Piper's "Fuzzy" universe.]

Van Vogt, A. E.:
   Voyage of the Space Beagle  [Birdmorphs]

Varley, John: "Gaean" Trilogy  [Centaurs]
   1) Titan   1980, Berkley, 0-425-04468-8
   2) Wizard  1981, Berkley, 0-425-04828-4
   3) Demon   1985, Berkley, 0-425-08271-7

Vinge, Vernor:
   A Fire Upon the Deep  [Lupinoids (Wolfmorphs)]  
      1993, Tor, 0-812-51528-5

Vinicoff, Eric and Marcia Martin:
   The Weigher  [Lupinoids (Wolfmorphs)]  1992, Baen, 0-671-72144-5

Wentworth, K.D.: "Blackeagle" series [Wolf-morph]
   Black on Black    1999, Baen, 0-671-57788-3
   Stars Over Stars  2001, Baen, 0-671-31979-5

Wolf, Gary:
   Who Censored Roger Rabbit?  [Rabbitmorph] 
      1982, Ballantine, 0-345-30325-3 
   [Note: Marginally furry, most likely.]

Various: Novels based on "Shattered Light"  CD-ROM Game [Felinoids]
   1) Ruby Flames  1999, Pocket Books, 0-671-03266-6
   3) Catseye      1999, Pocket Books, 0-671-03268-2