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A lot of the information for FurryFaire was out of date, and I've taken the liberty of updating the web page, providing information on what is available on FurryFaire for players. I've also added a link to the Forum we've just opened. Tashiro 11:23, 31 August 2007 (UTC)

Correction needed.[edit]

The paragraph from Tashiro about Typhon attempting to move people from FurryFaire MUCK to his own is false. Case in point, during that point in time, Typhon never had a interest in having his own muck, till months after Tashiro took over as head wiz. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

  • I am simply repeating what was given to me at the time of my inception. Tashiro

Not a MUCK I recommend playing on. There is such heavy focus on stats and tables it's really a MUD in disguise. The roleplaying system is incredibly covoluted, having been created more for a tabletop medium than an online text based medium. The headwizard himself plays several over-powered characters and has been known to use them gang up on other players and characters he simply does not like, or in some cases railroad or take charge of any campaigns on his whim. He has outright stated that he does not care what any other players or staff think and rarely listens to suggestions or complaints by staff or players. This is more of his personal playground to play god in than it is a place for fun and fair gaming. In short, a lot of godmodding and munchkinism. --Scoville

Being the head wizard, I guess I should address this:

  • The Mechanics: The mechanics are, admittedly, geared towards tabletop play, but a new set is currently being developed which is a lot lighter and easier on the players, putting much of the game into their hands, and away from those who would focus on mechanics. The incoming set is, by design, untwinkable.
  • My Characters: I have two - Shiro, who has been there since day one and who I have repeatedly nerfed simply because I don't want him uber, and another character, fairly new, who is pretty low powered. In fact, that character is a glass cannon - he's made more to reflect the religion he's a part of than to be a butt kicker. So I don't know where you're getting the idea of me playing 'over powered' characters. Also, I get splitting headaches from playing more than one character at a time, I do not have the focus to have multiple characters on a scene, so I've no idea where you get the opinion I 'gang up' on anyone.
  • Roalroad: Note, I give players in my TPs full control of their direction. And no, I do not take control of other people's TPs. I wish more people ran TPs themselves, rather than having me run them.
  • Care About Players: I think you're getting me mixed with Arion - his job is to enforce MUCK Rules, and yes, he has stated he doesn't care what people think of him. As for me, I do tend to listen to players and staff, but being the Head Wizard, I do believe I get final say on matters.