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Questions (May 16, 2013)[edit]

Still not clear if the article is about:

  • A FurryCraft (Minecraft) group.
  • A website called FurryCraft for Minecraft playing furries.
  • A Minecraft server name "FurryCraft", hosted on a website of the same name.

(Problem: Right know it reads as such: "We are FurryCraft, a group of furries playing Minecraft. Our website is also called FurryCraft, as does our Minecraft server.")


  • Was the group created before the website?, was the group created by Tanner Fawkes?. Was a group created first, then a website for them, and a dedicated server purchased after the website creation for the group to play on?.
  • Does the form allowing access to the server is the same as the log-in registration for the website/forum?.
  • What is FurryCraftFTB?.

Any further information can help the article. - Spirou 07:22, 16 May 2013 (EDT)