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New SIM added[edit]

Indeed, and it's located on the Luxor opposite side to Alpha, But,... It's called Istaria, and listed as semi-private(?). Spirou 23:41, 26 February 2006 (UTC)

Man, they're really piling them on. I'd just featured this, and already it's out of date! ;-p --GreenReaper(talk) 01:28, 27 February 2006 (UTC)
It seems that it's not technically a FurNation sim . . . yet . . . but that it might be in the future. We'll see. --GreenReaper(talk) 07:12, 5 March 2006 (UTC)

Second Life history Wiki[edit]

Is it OK if I port a few sections of this page over to the Second Life History Wiki? Currently, the FurNation page is a stub there, and I would love to help fill it up a little without having to write a new page from scratch. --The Listener 02:55, 6 April 2006 (UTC)

Sure! If you could put a link back in discussion or at the bottom that would probably fulfil the terms of the license (well, enough for those that care about it :-). Given the recent demise of FurNation Worlds (for who knows how long) I'm glad I took all those screenshots. --GreenReaper(talk) 03:26, 6 April 2006 (UTC)


On April 7th at 4:00pm Linden Time the Tria sim was moved without my knowledge to The Valley sim estates. It has been renamed Masquerade Valley. If you are not aware, The Valley sims are a group of people who got together and connected their sims, started out by Redfox Costello and Kithylin Perth.
All property on the sims was moved as well, including some of my creations and objects. All renter plots, objects, and buildings were moved without the permission of any of the owners.
This was done without my permission, knowledge, or desire.
Kodi Siefert, alas Kodi Sachs paid for the sim originally. We had an agreement that I would cover sim fees (I have) and that if he ever wanted to move the sim that I would be allowed to pay for the original sim so that he could purchase a new sim and leave Tria in place. I made that offer to him again yesterday. He never responded back. When the sim was moved I left a note on his answering machine to return Tria intact, allow me to purchase him a brand new sim, and to make the decision within 24 hours or I will attempt to have this corrected by legal means.
As you can see he did not honor that agreement. He may use the excuss of our sim outage as his reason, but he is fully aware that the outage was a complete accident and has been fully corrected by myself. Allowing me to purchase Tria from him would not have cost him any money and would have saved the tenants from loosing their property and labor.
Kithylin Perth, the roomate of Redfox Costello was the person who talked Kodi into this move. Kithylin Perth is the person who has initiated most of the sim moves to join the Valley estate system. Kithylin Perth is also responsible for talking Console into moving his sim (Istaria Prime) from FurNation Worlds to The Valley sims a few days ago.
I asked Kithylin and Red last night if they knew about any of this before hand and they both denied any knowledge. As you can clearly see where Tria was moved there is no possible way they could not have known about this, as Linden Labs would need their permission to join Tria to their estate.
I ask that all renters in Tria go to the new sim (Masquerade Valley) and take copies of your buildings and remove anything that could be lost. I have knowledge that Kodi's intent is to wipe Tria, and this will cause loss of property to the sim tenents. DO NOT remove your buildings, just take copies of them. I am presently seeking legal means to have the sim returned to us fully intact. If Kodi wipes Tria and you lose your projects I will seek legal means to have the value of the items and labor reimbursed to you.
I will either get the original sim back, or I will replace it and give compensation to all the tenants who are effected.
In the end there is only one conclusion you can come to: That Kodi Seifert, alas Kodi Sachs did this out of malicious intent. That certain owners of the Valley sims, including the original owners of the Valley, knew of this and condoned it. In all, this was a coordinated and vicious attack again FurNation Worlds, myself, and all those who have contributed to its development.
I have known that certain sim owners in The Valley have been spreading rumors about me for months. I have mostly ignored these. They have accused me of trying to dominate furry fandom. Steal from the furs, make myself rich off the sims, etc. Well, take another look at their actions and ask yourself exactly "who" is the one doing these deeds. And if you visit The Valley sims (aka Furry Borg Collective) remember what they truely think of the community. Oh, and don't forget about Kodi Seifert, alas Kodi Sachs of the Masquerade sim. He seems to think its not a bad idea just to pullup and screw about 24 land tenents at a moments notice. Buyer beware. And since The Valleys have taken him under their wing just remember who they are now associating with. Birds of a feather stick together you know.
No real furry I have every known in 10 years in the fandom would ever stoop to something this disgraceful. I have never in my life seen anyone commit an act this sleezy and without honor on another person or group.
Just my two cents.
P.S. If anyone I have spoken of in this letter wishes to come to an open public meeting and deny any of the statements I have made above I am willing to do so AT ANY TIME ON ANY DAY.
Nexxus Ambassador

Since I don't have any first-hand knowledge of these events, someone else might be able to put this to good use. Word is, the move was completely legal and fully approved by Linden Labs, and Nexxus is attempting to destroy The Valley. Trying to dominate the furry fandom, indeed. --the Shrike 22:26, 9 April 2006 (UTC)

Sim features[edit]

I have a good handful of questions about various features described in this article.

  • Under FurNation Aqua - Old Time Radio Theater: Is the building shaped in Modern design (functional boxy-looking thing) or something more fanciful, like a giant jukebox? Is it colored/lit with period-appropriate neon tubing as I've written, or just splashed with bright colors (as suggested by "Day-Glo")? A picture of this building would be much appreciated.
  • Under FurNation Kami - Does Avenity Husky and Fox avatar party refer to Avenity-brand sponsorship, Avenity Husky's party, or two separate events (a Husky party and a Fox party) under the name Avenity? This phrase definitely needs clarifying.
  • Has the Skymall been definitively removed from FurNation Worlds, with no plans for replacement? If so, this will mean changes in several sections of the page, as it is mentioned throughout.
  • Exactly how many sims make up FurNation Worlds as of May 24, 2008?
  • And if anyone wants to discuss Ethen Pow's decision to break away from FurNation Worlds, OR the situation involving Logan Fasching and FurNation Polaris (including any claims of unethical behavior on the part of any person or persons involved), please do so under their own topics, right here on this Talk page! Without references to publically available statements and factual information, such matters are best referred to in an article as neutrally as possible.

Also, I am presuming that all staff officers removed in a recent edit are "Former" position-holders, until I am informed otherwise; Ethan Pow excepted, since it is known that he left the grouping.

Thank you, and good day. -- Siege(talk) 13:29, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

Forking off larger sections into new articles[edit]

I'm forking off a number of larger sections into new articles, with due attribution linked back to this parent article's history, and I recommend that others do the same for similarly-sized sections. --RayneVanDunem 08:48, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

Furnation Hell Moved to "Nova estates sims"[edit]

From memory sometime around 2014, the last sandbox Furnation sim, Furnation hell, was sold to a new owner where it became the "Hydro Nova" first SIm in the (still furry themed) "Nova estates sims" and moved to another location of the grid. I'd update the General conditions section of the article but I don't have solid dates. On a personal note is is sad that is a shell of its former self. (as are many furry areas on SL in 2015) -- 03:30, 5 April 2015 (EDT)