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Cool, this is just like Wikipedia where a knowledgeable editor makes an edit, and some guy who spends his life on WP edits it to introduce inaccuracies. It is an indisputable fact that Formic Hivemind has not been sentenced, so English grammar dictates that the past tense is incorrect. The referenced article on does not say that he was "one of the cases" involved—the word "one" doesn't even appear in the article. What does appear in the article is, "A.G. Schneideman referenced a Monroe County case that served as a driving force for this initiative." The press release from the attorney general doesn't say "one" either. Other news articles cite his case specifically, e.g., , which says, "The initiate was sparked by a 2011 case where Richard Kretovic (gamertag Formic Hivemind) was arrested for sexually abusing a boy he met through Xbox Live." And I don't know how they manage to ban sexual predators without knowing that they're sexual predators. Are they using psychic powers or something? The article specifically says that they decide who to ban based on matching email addresses and other identifying information between the gamer account and the sex offender registration: "Under New York State law, convicted sex offenders must register all of their e-mail addresses, screen names, and other Internet identifiers with the state, and that information is then made available to certain websites so they can purge potential predators from their online networks. After the Office of Attorney General approached gaming companies to remove registered sex offenders on their networks, the companies agreed to purge the accounts."

But whatever, feel free to change it back to your incorrect version. 11:39, 6 April 2012 (EDT)