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(I'm the owner/founder of the site, I'd be happy to confirm this, just let me know how I can)

I couldn't figure out how to respond back to Spirou, I went ahead and made a account to make it easier.

First, lets talk about the format of the url, yes it does matter, one is SSL and one is not, if a site no longer uses cloud flare or a SSL certificate/connection type, then trying to access the wrong link will give errors

please see the comparison here - vs you can easily see the issue if you just click on both, I moved FW off of cloud flare a while back because Social engine has issues with https connections, it causes weird issues on the platform such as people not being able to upload pictures, or comments bugging out, (No clue why)

As for the staff team, I tried moderator like once, then realized that with social engine their is no power that can be granted to moderators.. (which sucks!) to give anyone power of any kind with SE you have to have admin status...

On FW you can tell who staff are by the rank on their page, This is a group only staff can join but users can see this group as well as comment to it, normal users are not allowed to join this group and must request to join and can only be approved by me. as seen here, Do bare in mind this is a private community so your need a account to see. I went ahead and took a snippet -

As it stands the current staff team is (I myself as the Owner/founder), Zael as Admin (but his job is to handle screening and badges), Stormy (Admin) job is to handle our game servers, Ruslan (Admin) job is to help Zael with badges and keep a watch on the wall feed for trouble, Aucian (Admin) job is to keep a eye on abuse reports, wall feed and forums, Saoirse (Admin) job is to assist with my role as the leader, and help me figure out directions/programs for the site.

Deft (Admin) job is talking with people and managing our cub parties at the cons.

Now Gozzy, isn't really Staff on the site, he has the staff tag yes, but his job is to assist me with the server box and any thing new we decide to do, in order to look at the functions he needs to look at, he has to be able to see the back end, but he is by no shape or form actual staff for the site, (Server manager is what he does)

Also I'd like to know why the site is listed in the 'Death' section, as we're very much still alive/and pretty active.