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On the deletion of this article[edit]

I beg to differ on why this article isn't as mainstream as you think. One of the playable characters is a talking two tailed cat, one of the minor character is also a talking cat and there is a boss battle against a tanuki who uses his testicles as a weapon (I wish I could make this shit up). Now that's possibly not enough, but a game like Undertale which could be considered less furry than or equally as mainstream as Fishy Tales of the Nekomata took the 2015 Ursa Major Awards. Hell, one could say that The Chronicles of Narnia (which also took an Ursa) is mainstream. Tai 1 (talk) 11:26, 5 January 2020 (EST)

Duly noted. Restore article in progress, Context tag added. - Spirou (talk) 18:02, 5 January 2020 (EST)